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Posted on November 24, 2014 by LISA KUNIZAKI | 0 Comments

Inspiration is an exhausted word...but it's still an important one. Especially when working in a creative field. At the CdS offices, our senses are always on high alert as the best sort of inspiration doesn't come from the obvious and the visual...but often from little details that are so easy to miss:

 - The scent of late autumn in the air. Simultaneously cool and warm, with a hint of spice. Late evening and early morning strolls throughout our city parks are the best moments to catch those undisturbed moments of autumn.

 - The simplicity of functional and beautiful teaware. Less is always more. Minimal and beautiful...can't go wrong.

 - Pairing tea with dinner...making the ordinary more special. Stay turned for an upcoming post on favorite pairings. Hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving ^-^

Love Tea | Free People x Chambre de Sucre Collaboration

Hello, November!

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