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(Honey, Honey) If you haven’t received enough reminders that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, we've got another one for you! Everyone knows that there are three types of people on Valentine’s Day: the Romantics, the Indifferent, and the Opposition. Now if you’re a Romantic with a Valentine already on reserve and need a little inspiration for your big date, check out our list of wonderful date ideas. If you haven’t snagged a Valentine just yet (or aren’t planning to), don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too. As for the Opposition: sure, you don’t need a specific day set aside to show your special someone all the love you can give. And sure, it might just be a Hallmark holiday. And sure, Valentine’s Day is just an ordinary day, as is the Fourth of July to kangaroos in Australia. But, why not use February 14th as a good excuse to have fun? All you singletons, indifferent beings, and opponents: throw a party and celebrate just because Tuesday needs a little flare.

1. Girl’s Night In – Grab all your gal pals and turn your home into an evening spa. Indulge in Mani’s, Pedi’s, the famous green masks and cucumber slices, or even whip up a Homemade Sugar Scrub to exfoliate all those rough patches. Put on a Chick Flick while you’re at it! By the way, men: feel free to try these out as well—just remember to call it Boy’s Night In, instead.

2. Speed Dating – Why have just one date when you can have five, six, or even seven? Host a Mix & Mingle with plenty of chairs and a stopwatch in hand. Encourage all your invitees to bring a friend or two so you can meet some new people yourself! 

3. Try Your Luck – Bring out the poker chips and gamble with candy and chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking the bank.

4. Get a Competitive Edge – Try for Battle of the Sexes and engage in some friendly competition with a series of activities like Pictionary, Trivia, or even Thumb Wars. Or you know, you could just hang out with your friends and play Super Smash Brothers all night.

5. Afternoon Tea – Have some tea and crumpets, but do it Willy Wonka style! If you’ve seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (new or old), you’ve got to remember the luscious chocolate river, lickable wallpaper, and edible flower teacups. Take some inspiration from the whimsical world of Willy Wonka, but don’t forget to serve your tea (with plenty of our fun shaped sugars, of course)!

If you’re not in the party mood, there’s nothing better than self pampering. Light some candles, slip into a bubble bath, and let us sweeten up your bottle of champagne or soothing cup of tea.

Chambre de Sucre

P.S. (Yeah, again) If you haven’t heard the good news already, three brand new products are on the way in addition to the new line that is now available. 

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