Showers, Shamrocks, and Sugar

Posted on February 26, 2012 by LISA KUNIZAKI | 0 Comments

There’s something to celebrate every day in March, so why not sweeten up your month with some help from Chambre de Sucre? Along with St. Patrick’s Day, March is full of fun and silly holidays. Any excuse is a good excuse to throw a tea party.


Let’s start with the most iconic holiday of the month, shall we? According to legend, Saint Patrick used shamrocks, a three-leaved plant, to explain the Holy Trinity. Today, March 17th is associated with leprechauns, rainbows, and pots of gold. Not to mention, it’s the greenest day of the year. Here at Chambre de Sucre, we love St. Patty’s Day for one main reason: Green Tea! Get into the holiday spirit with a cup of Green Tea (hot or iced) sweetened with our Rainbow Sugar.


…and Pi Day and Einstein’s Birthday. In Japan, March 14th is the answer to February 14th, Valentine’s Day. On V-Day, Japanese women observe the holiday by giving chocolate to men. A month later, men return the love by giving women white chocolate, cookies, jewelry, or marshmallows. White Day was introduced by a marshmallow manufacturing company in 1978 to market its puffy products and has since grown into this sweet and delectable holiday. Chambre de Sucre has plenty of products to give to your special someone—well sugar is white, isn’t it? Shopping for White Day will be a cinch, especially with our new collection of white Glass Huggers.


Bet you haven’t heard of that one! It’s a day dedicated to celebrating whatever you want, and we’d like to dub March 26th Sugar Day (bet you weren’t expecting that either). On Sugar Day, you deserve some eye and mouth candy! Buy a box of your favorite candy or treat yourself to the best dessert in town. And with our gorgeous selection of sugars, you can observe Sugar Day with perfection.

In addition to all these great holidays, March is the month of Michelangelo’s Birthday (March 6), Dr. Seuss’s Birthday (March 2), and the first day of spring (March 20). Get ready for April Showers bringing May Flowers. Easter, falling on April 8th this year, will come before you know it. Add an air of elegance to any Easter gathering with pastels of our Colored Sugar Balls, Mini Hearts, or Mini Flowers.

We are also delighted to officially introduce our latest line of Glass Huggers, coming soon! They come in shapes of Angel Wings, Elephants, and Nekos (little cats). These delicate sugars are designed to hang on the rim of any champagne glass, tea cup, or coffee mug.

Happy March!

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