Getting Ready For Easter

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If Chambre de Sucre ever had a soul mate, it’d be Easter. This holiday, associated with soft pastels and delicate eggs, is adorable and elegant—just like our sugars! The moveable feast, which falls on April 8ththis year, celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and also marks the end of Lent. If you gave up sweets for forty long days, ease back in with one or two sugars in your afternoon tea or jump back in with a box of bunny shaped chocolates. Either way, satisfy that sweet tooth.

Easter celebrations can range from a simple meal to an Easter Extravaganza. For those who like to keep it conservative, just be sure to serve your favorite type of tea. The spring season and a hot pot of white or even blended tea go hand in hand. Blended teas, especially those that consist of dried fruit bits, will bring a splash of color to your table and an alluring aroma to the air. We recommend a tisane consisting of a hibiscus and rose hip base. It brews a beautiful rosy cup and it's non-caffeinated for the children.

For those who like to go all out, remember to include an elaborate Egg Hunt. Make it kid friendly by enclosing marshmallow chicks, chocolate, or tiny toys in plastic eggs. This adds an element of surprise to the day’s festivities. There’s also no harm in turning an egg hunt into a little competition—offer a big prize to the child who has the most eggs in his or her basket by the end of the day. Just because Egg Hunters are usually twelve and under doesn’t mean that adults can’t join in on the fun! Bring out the watercolors and paint a masterpiece on a drained, hollow egg shell if you’re feeling creative.

A common misconception is that Easter is only one day—it’s actually an entire season! For 50 days, you’ll have reason to chew on some sugar coated Peeps. Don’t be afraid to get your fingers a little sticky. And don’t be afraid to be a little adventurous in your tea tasting.

Happy Hopping!


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