July Is One of Our Favorite Months!

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 It’s July, and there’s a lot of excitement about, in and around Chambre de Sucre.

Our executive director, Lisa Kunizaki, sent us into throes of covetousness. She flashed designer Pablo Matteoda’s Sharky– a floating tea-infuser with a fin in front of us. Lisa’s Tea No. 14, Love Spell, has a color as bright as its taste. Flowing from under a shark fin, it’s a dramatic sight.


Naturally, one of our New Yorkers glanced at the circling fin (We’d given it a little push.) and said, “What do the Jets get?” She’s a Sondheim fan – and what New Yorker doesn’t get a kickout of West Side Story? (Did you know that the show was conceived in a NYC church, during a social dance?) We can imagine a jet-shaped infuser for our morning tea, zooming us toward caffeine and into our day. Thankfully, our tea infusers don’t snap or sing. Energy’s great, but please – Let us have our tea first.

Lisa and Kathy are thrilled to their Francophile cores. Ladurée has come to New York City. Their macarons, which change with the seasons, are subtly sweet. Their pastries are so pretty, they could be on display at MoMA. Ladurée puts the “delicate” in “delicatessen”, and then there are the books and the chocolates . . .

Ladurée has come to New York, and Kathy’s flown to Paris. She’ll be there for a couple of weeks. We can’t share the nibbles she’ll bring back, but we promise to post photos.

(Photo credit: Alice Gao)


There’s life outside the cities. One of the CdS team is counting the days to Dorset. She’ll be spending two weeks by the coast, working for the Olympics. We’d been thinking of the Olympics in London, but sailing events will be held on the Dorset coast.

Before she heads south, she’s stopping in London for one of our favorite bubbly cocktails, the High& Wilde. We love Kettner’s for its history. Rumor has it that Lillie Langtry and Edward VIII held assignations there. Romance and bubbles – Whatc ould be better? Of course, these sparking cocktails are much prettier with a piece of Sucre Rond in the glasses or angel wings fluttering innocently on the rims. We’ll be packing samples for Kettner’s. Keep an eye on their bar.

We’re sending our staffer on one more mission: to find the best cream teas in England. The Olympics will keep her busy, but we’ve extracted promises that she’ll try the Morton House Hotel and Ocean Bay Restaurant. What would you give for that view?

We’re drowning our envy in Lisa’s tea and a batch of hot scones. A Canadian friend recommended this recipe for strawberry-rhubarb slab scones. A quick trip to the farmers’ market, and we’ll be turning on our ovens and breaking out the clotted cream.

Ooooh. Pablo Matteoda’s infuser is inexpensive in Europe. We know what we want as a souvenir – and our colleague won’t need to dive into the water to get it. A Sharky fin, a cup of Tea No. 14, and the perfect thou . . . The summer is looking bright.


Don’t tell Lisa we wrote this, but if you like tea and you’re on Pinterest, she has a few boards you should follow. Accessories for Your Tea & Coffee has piles of prettiness – but there’s more than style. These items are made to be used. Tea in Art; Art in Tea is all about beauty. All Things Tea is a delightfully varied assemblage. Don’t tell Lisa this, either; we like to peek at her latest postings during breaks at work.

All Chambe de Sucre readers should follow one of Lisa’s Pinterest boards: Sugar. It makes us smile every day. Want to know why? Click on the link and look.


We know you like us. Make it official.  We’re giving prizes to the 600th and the 1,000th person to “like” us on Facebook. We promise to sweeten the winners’ days.


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