Summer Olympics 2012

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The Games are almost on! We’re so excited, we may become useless for anything else.


Chambre de Sucre’s executive director, Lisa Kunizaki, loves every sport. That’s almost unanimous; the Olympics show the human body at its best for each sport. A few of us have hard times watching the hand-to-hand fighting – but one of us is captivated by fencing, so it balances – just like a gymnast on a beam. Ahhh . . . gymnastics . . .

You missed Lisa’s birthday (and Aunties’ Day, which is new to us) but it’s not too late to celebrate those events – and summer. Honey & Jam has a recipe for quick sweet pickles. Made with mustard seed, cinnamon, cloves and bay, these promise just the kind of spicy treat we like. They’re a quick treat, too; you can make them in four hours or overnight. You don’t need to eat them all at once; they’ll keep in the fridge for two weeks – but we bet they won’t last anything like that long.


Photo Credit: Hannah Queen

On the subject of birthdays, this year would mark the late Julia Child’s 100th. Join Lisa and other food-lovers at Pinterest’s “Happy 100th Julia” board. If you’re feeling down, head there right now. It’s a happy digital places to be.

Have you ordered a Macaron Limoge trinket box yet? They are sailing, racing and running off the shelves like speedy Olympic athletes that will never age. At 2 ¼ inches in diameter, these are the perfect for discreet gifts, wedding party presents, a hidden trinket or words you’re too shy to say aloud. At this price – US$13.95, they’re also gifts you can feel good about buying for yourself.

There are only two problems with buying one of our macaron boxes: who should receive it and which color you is absolutely right.

We’re on an iced coffee binge. Naturally, we’re making toddy coffee. The cold brew technique makes coffee that’s smooth, creamy and not at all bitter.

It does the same thing with tea. The cool water releases tea’s subtle flavors, which come from amino acids, leaving astringent tannins in the leaves.

Some of us like tannins. If you’re a red-wine drinker, you’re probably in that group, but do try the low-heat brewing method. Liking Syrah doesn’t mean being unable to appreciate Riesling. The same truth holds here.

Whether you’re cold-brewing tea or coffee, make enough to keep in the refrigerator for those hot summer days. Keep it in glass. It’s not only a matter of taste – although plastic-flavored coffee isn’t nice. Researchers keep making unpleasant discoveries about plastic and food. We want you to live long, healthy lives. Until someone creates a plastic that won’t taint your coffee or your system, please store your iced treat in glass.

We knew green tea had anticarcinogenic properties. It’s also been linked with decreases in Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as diabetes and cardiovascular illnesses. In a recent study, Dr. Silvia Mandel of the Technion Institute of Science’s Eve Topf Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (Whew. Now we’re thirsty.) show that an antioxidant polyphenol in green tea gets directly into the brain and goes to work at a molecular level. According to Mandel’s study, the equivalent of two to four cups of green tea a day helps to keep the brain healthy.

Mandel drinks green tea every day. We can do that – although we might have one cup in the form of green tea sorbet … maybe with almond cookies.

We’re hither, we’re thither – We’re in Oh How Civilized. Jee Choe gave us such a nice write-up – and a nod to Lisa’s packaging, which makes us smile.


Photo Credit: Jee Choe



Photo Credit: Jee Choe

All the packaging in the world won’t make a product excellent, but it’s very challenging to create packaging good enough to hold our sugars. That’s not only bias. (Yes, we’re biased. Wouldn’t you be?) Our sugars’ heritage is older than the United States of America. That’s an impressive tradition to wrap. It’s good to see that acknowledged.

Thank you, Jee Choe. We think you’re delightful, too – and your post on iced tea dispensers is elegant and cool.

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Coming up: more about the Olympics, Kathy’s photos of Paris – soon; she’s back now – Lisa’s latest tea news, and a recipe or two. See you next week!

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