Remembering 9/11

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My father worked in the World Trade Center for 10 years with an amazing Japanese company just after the towers were first built in the early seventies. It was an extraordinary structure which symbolized promise and hope for all his dreams.

While my dad worked there I visited him at his office quite often. Whenever I had off from school I begged my dad to let me accompany him to his office. The views were spectacular and the building was gorgeous. His boss also proved to be an extraordinary mentor who stayed in our lives long after my father went on to start his own business. I am remembering Mr. Shuda today for being a part of my father's success.

My brother's graduating class (The Loyola School) had their prom at the Windows on the World in 2000.

I was at work when the first plane hit. My dad was at the hospital I was working at at the time. We were horrified and in complete disbelief as we watched the second plane hit. I told my father to go home and I contacted the volunteer ambulance corps I was working with at the time so I could help. Seeing the aftermath first hand was mind blowing. It literally crushed my heart to see my city suffering. There was such chaos and anger and sadness everywhere I turned. It was difficult to imagine ever getting over this.

I learned later on that a former classmate of mine had lost his sister in the World Trade Center. My heart goes out to George and the entire Bonomo Family today. All my thoughts go out to everyone who lost someone during this tragedy. I want to remember all the rescue workers who gave their lives to save others. Bless all the victims who were on the planes and the survivors who continue to suffer emotionally and physically today.

I stopped being a NYS EMT after the 9/11 tragedy, but I commend those who are strong enough to go on and continue to serve.

Our city has healed itself and New Yorkers have proved once again that it is resilient. We will continue to support each other and love this amazing city I call home.

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