Afternoon Tea At The Crosby Street Hotel

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 No big signage anywhere, just this small plaque. Really adorable.


As soon as you enter the hotel you hang a quick left and you're greeted by a warm and inviting room.

Greeted by a lovely hostess who spent a lot of time telling me about the hotel and their staff. She told me that the entire staff get together every Friday to have Afternoon Tea. I would love to see that! Talk about team building activities! The hostess (whose name I can remember but can't spell) was very knowledgeable about the hotel and all its many fine services. I'm always looking for a great space to have an event in. Happy employees make for happy customers! 

I chose to sit outside because it was an absolutely splendid day. Ordered the Lapsang Souchong. It is a black tea which is often referred to as the smoked tea because it has a distinct smoky flavor and aroma. It gets this flavor because the leaves are dried over pinewood fire smoke. 


Crosby Afternoon Tea costs $34 per person. A++ for ambiance, relaxed setting, attentive hostesses and waiters. Great on refilling our pots with hot water for multiple steeps. 

I have to admit that I was expecting a lot after having spent a good hour with the hostess. I was super impressed already surely the tea wouldn't disappoint? Had really high expectations, but they fell a little short. The service is outstanding and makes you want to check into the hotel even if you don't need a place to stay!

Here's why it didn't work for me (*this was tea for two):

1) Their Afternoon Tea menu is a little bit of a mess. For such a classy place I thought they would pay a little attention to the state of their menu whose pages were falling out. Everything else was so put together, that this little (BIG) detail threw me off immediately. I prefer well thought out, detailed tea menus. The more descriptive the better.

2) Only one 3-tiered tray arrived. This looks like its right out of an IKEA catalog. In fact, I think I own this one! I love IKEA, but it doesn't exactly match the china which is absolutely adorable.

3) Only one ramekin of clotted cream (there were two of us) and although I didn't use it all, I didn't know if my guest was going to appreciate me dipping my knife back into the same ramekin. 

4) Three unevenly cut large tea sandwiches.

5) Two chunky scones and other assorted pastry which were a little too large for my taste.  

However, this one pastry was heavenly. Perfect in every possible way. Petite and buttery, I wanted more of this.

6) And the tea was just so so. But I'm finding that that's a pretty common thing.

On the very up side of this experience, no one rushed us through our tea. Jee and I had a lovely afternoon chatting, laughing and sharing stories. I had a truly lovely time.

They checked in on us periodically and were very attentive to our needs. Still, I know I will return to Crosby's. Maybe not for afternoon tea, but perhaps for lunch and a cocktail.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!




Crosby Street Hotel

79 Crosby Street NYC 10012

(212) 226-6400

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