Book of the Week Celebrates National Coffee Day!

Posted on September 29, 2012 by LISA KUNIZAKI | 0 Comments

So, this week's Book of the Week will be celebrating coffee. Delicious desserts and drinks of all kinds using coffee as the base.

Coffee: Scrumptious Drinks and Treats by Betty Rosbottom (Photos by Lara Hata) is a little outdated in terms of coffee information, but the recipes are great none the less. It's just one of those fun coffee table books. There isn't anything in there about the art of crafting a good cup of coffee (selecting, roasting, brewing, the right equipment or accessories) or anything technical about coffee itself.  
The two recipes that really stand out for me is the Crèmes Brûlée au Caffè and the Java Jolt Truffles.
Typical glossy cover and OK photos. Paper quality is average. This book was published in 2007 so I'm a little spoiled with the amazing talent that has emerged these past few years. Food styling is no joke. Nothing 5 star worthy, but for a fun recipe book it gets a 3.0.
Here's our take on coffee. A simple indulgence you can dress up in the comfort of your home. Shown below is our Amber Sugar, Coffee Bean-Shaped Sugar, and Sucre Pierre. This is all part of The Coffee Lover Gift Set.
Have a fabulous weekend! Love that Fall is finally here.

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