Afternoon Tea at the Halekulani Hotel

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Aloha from Hawai'i!

I had the wonderful pleasure of having Afternoon Tea with my best friend from college and his lovely family. Vaughn and I met the very first day at Cornell and have managed to stay close after all these years. I now have the added pleasure of being part of his ohana. His daughter, Sophia Ai, is six years old and is funny, spirited and extremely intelligent. She is also extremely sweet and kind.

She reminds me a lot of Clarissa. Sophia just started kindergarten at Iolani and her parents have enrolled her in numerous extracurricular activities. She is one busy little lady! Hula, swimming, and piano...I don't know how she does it all! Her grandpa is looking into water polo, but I'm pretty sure Vaughn and Joanna have ruled it out.

There is nothing we enjoy more than having tea together.

My cousin, Kaori, was visiting me from Japan so they had the pleasure of meeting her as well. Kaori only gets one week off a year (she's a nurse) so I was honored that she decided to spend her one week with me.

I have to say that Halekulani's Classic Afternoon Tea is my absolute favorite! Everything is just as it should be. Impeccable service, good tea selection and perfect sweet and savory items.

A lovely assortment of tea, we all chose something different...

Vaughn chose the Darjeeling Second Flush Estate, Black Tea from Northeastern India, orthodox manufacture; rich liquor, sweet, robust and malty with notes of fruity raisin and date sugar.

Kaori chose the Blueberry Rooibos (hot), Organic fair trade African rooibos and wild blueberry blend; Tart, juicy, naturally sweet

I had the Jade Oolong from Nantou, Taiwan. This lightly oxidized oolong tea from the mountainous region of Nantou, Taiwa, has a smooth, golden green infusion. Flowery aroma, brisk clean flavor, smooth body and fruity finish. I very much enjoyed it.


Joanna and Miss Sophia Ai had the Pineapple Coconut Rooibos with Mango- tropical Hawaiian flavor tisane. Sophia had hers iced and it was delicious.  

Lemon Curd, Kula Strawberry Preserve and Devonshire Cream...

 Sophia sweetened her iced tea with some sugar ; )

Perfect assortment of sweet...

and savory.

And the most delicious, freshly baked mini currant scones I've ever had!


Tea sandwiches:

Ham & Watercress with Grain Mustard on Poppy Seed Bread

Cucumber with Cream Cheese and Chives on Caraway Seed bread

Chicken with Horseradish on Whole Grain Bread

Smoked Salmon with Lemon Cream on Rye Bread


I'm pretty sure Vaughn will keep up the tradition of Afternoon Tea with his daughter even after I've left Hawai'i.


I would have to say we all had an amazing time ; )

I was so inspired after our outing that I couldn't wait to put my own Hawaiian Afternoon Tea themed menu together. Can't you just see it? Lilikoi (passionfruit) curd, teas by Moonrise Teas, dragonfruit inspired cocktails... 

More on Moonrise Teas in my next post. I spent a day with Sherri on the Big Island learning all about her teas. But, let's just say I'll be steeping some of her Shave Ice Green Tea in the morning. Imagine a sweet green tea, Hawaiian pineapples, all in an organic Lilikoi flavor that smells just like Shave Ice.




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