Children's Impromptu Afternoon Tea Party

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Sophia and I had the opportunity to spend some time with each other when I made my way over to Hawai'i this last trip. My friends, Vaughn and Joanna, trust me to spoil their daughter so I consider myself very fortunate. It was wonderful picking her up from school and listening to her practice the piano.

On our way to pick up Sophia, I stopped by one of my favorite bakeries and picked up a few pastries. Patisserie La Palme D'Or is located within the Ala Moana Shopping Center in Honolulu.

Some of the most delicious beverages you'll find:

PLANTATION TEA JELLY 100% pineapple juice jelly with sweetened black tea

PLANTATION ICED TEA pineapple juice and sweetened black tea

LAVA FLOW creamy blend of condensed milk, milk and strawberry puree,

JELLY AU LAIT coffee or earl gray tea jelly topped with whipped cream choice of milk or soy milk

JELLY MOCHA AU LAIT coffee jelly with house made chocolate milk.

And the desserts!

TROPICAL FROMAGE lilikoi & mango mousse on top of rare cheesecake and coconut sponge

OPERA layers of almond sponge soaked in coffee syrup, Kona Coffee butter cream and rich dark chocolate ganache

TARTE AUX BAIES SAUVAGE flaky tart baked with almond cream and bing cherries, topped generously with pastry cream and fresh mixed berries.

And then to the Victorino household.

Sophia and I decided to have an impromptu tea party with the gifts I brought her from NYC; a portable tea party "essential" kit which included disposable/reusable platters, cake stands, paper plates and napkins.  

Pastries and Pearls Birdcage 3-Tier Pastry Stand...set up was simple!

Cake Stand...

Sandwich Stand...



A sneak peek...

Table is all set and ready to go!


Guests arrived shortly after...Penguin, Totoro, Monkey...

Then we cold steeped some Chinese green tea. I find that it's safer to have around kids and you can just throw in a few leaves and let it steep without worrying.

Sophia is six years old, but I would prefer the adults handle the pouring...


Seasonal pumpkin custard...

Patisserie Palme D'Or

1450 Ala Moana Boulevard #2240F Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 941-6161


Be spontaneous and have a tea party with your little one today! Don't be intimidated by the whole set up. It's so very simple to have a last minute gathering, whether you have time to make the treats yourself or don't (pick some up from your favorite spot), you can always keep a few essentials in the house.

-Votive Unscented Candles

-Fancy Paper Napkins to make your life easier (I secretly stock up every time I go to TJ Maxx)

-combination of 2 and 3 Tiered Trays (I have a mini collection comprised of both old and new pieces. I have found my pieces anywhere from the 99 cent store to Target to Pottery Barn)


-Various teas (preferably Chambre de Sucre's!)

-Scone Mix (or frozen dough)

-Teacups (mismatched cups are always fun)

-Demitasse spoons (used for coffee, but I like to use them for eating dessert)

-Plates (dessert/sandwich plates)

-Bread (pick up last minute)

-Canned Italian Tuna (as per my mom's advice) for a quick sandwich

-beautiful ironed tablecloth and runner

-sugarbowl (so important to display your sugars) and sugar tongs

-and of course, any one of our sugars to make your party complete (no expiration date on our sugars so you can store them in a nice cool, dry place and use them when necessary)

Happy Tea Time!



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