An Evening With Issey Miyake

Posted on November 29, 2012 by LISA KUNIZAKI | 0 Comments

Last night I attended Issey Miyake's book launch at the flagship store in Tribeca. 

But, before arriving safely to my final destination, I had an excruciating, unsafe experience with a NYC cab driver. It was a bitterly cold night out and the crowds were pretty bad when I left the office. My cab driver decided to go down 5th Avenue when I remembered at the last minute that they were lighting the tree at Rockefeller Center! Oy! I prayed for every pedestrian we nearly hit.

Pre-lighting of the tree...

and back to Issey...

Scrumptious Matcha Green Tea Cupcakes with Azuki Red Bean Frosting provided by Kyotofu. Back in February of this year, they did the catering for us. The theme for our press launch was Afternoon Tea Champagne Brunch. They have the most delectable mini morsels to complement our tea. If you visit their restaurant you can enjoy uniquely inspired tea desserts such as green tea crème brûlée, black sesame sweet tofu panna cotta with hojicha syrup, assorted shortbread, and genmai brown rice/matcha green tea financiers. Can you say YUM?

I admit I had a few glasses of Prosecco.

The music was extremely loud. Again, this made me feel old.

My mother is a huge fan of Issey Miyake's and owns several dresses and scarves from many of his collections. He is probably one of our favorite Japanese fashion designers.

Here are the faces behind the genius of Kyotofu; Nicole Bermensolo (right) and Karina Strobl (left). 

Had a blast at the event and as I leave I am reminded of pleats...

A final helping of mini cupcakes...

and I'm done for the evening.


Issey Miyake Tribeca

119 Hudson Street NYC


Say yes, to pleats.




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