Food To Feed A Cold

Posted on December 24, 2012 by LISA KUNIZAKI | 0 Comments

The upside of being sick is receiving homemade food from relatives. My mom ALWAYS makes me soup when I'm sick. She stopped by Sunday morning to drop off the familiar tupperware filled with soup.

I love how mom includes a ziplock bag full of freshly chopped scallions for the soup. It's all in the details. On the menu...chicken soup with slow cooked rice and ginger. I'm sure there's lots of other good stuff in there, but she'll never tell. If my dad is dropping off soup, he always makes me okayu which is just rice porridge. If he's too lazy to make it for me, he'll usually pick some up for me from Flushing's Chinatown. I like congee with thousand year old eggs and some duck blood.

 I know it doesn't really go with mom's soup, but I can't help reaching for my umeboshi stash.


And the best part, reading a Get Well note from mom and dad:

Everyone's feeling blue

Since your illness began

So kindly get well

Just as fast as you can!


Mom & Dad


Thank you, Grandma Galina, for feeding me my favorite assortment of Ukrainian comfort food. My cold thanks you.

A big bowl of borscht...

followed by roasted potatoes with dill and mushrooms...

Russian Herring under Fur Coat Salad, known as shuba...

assortment of bread...


and for dessert, my favorite, fresh baked poppyseed donuts with powdered sugar...

They say you should "Feed a cold starve a fever". Will do.



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