How I Love Thee, Samovar

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Sergiy picked up this samovar for me in Kiev. I have to thank him for spending countless hours polishing this baby. It was a little beaten up and run down, but with a lot of love and attention, we're restored it to it's formal glory. I am told this particular samovar was fueled by burning wood and/or heated charcoal...and thank you to his cousn, Igor, for carrying this monstrosity back to your dorm in the freezing cold.

This samovar also has quite a bit of history as you can tell from the countless metals it has won over the years.

Faucet and key...

This is where you put the teapot...right on top. It holds and heats the teapot filled with tea concentrate. Samovars heat the water for making tea, but it is a common misconception that the tea is boiled in the actual samovar. This is not so.

 Beautiful wooden handles.

Having a samovar at your next afternoon tea party would be a beautiful and elegant way to present the hot water. You can even have a Ukrainian Tea Party. Apparently, there are lots of places where you can rent electric samovars so it's a cinch to get a hold of one.

Here's what your menu can include: caviar, traditional Buckwheat blinis, icy cold vodka, black tea (Lapsang Souchong), sugar cubes (preferably ours...wink wink)...

(Photo credit: Gilt)

Ukrainian Poppy Seed Roll, delicate Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwiches, Cucumber & Salmon Roe Tea Sandwiches, and potato varenyky (also known as pierogies) with caramelized onions.   

(Photo credit: The Hungarian Girl)

Icy cold vodka, blini with creme fraiche & caviar, and vareniyky would definitely transport me to Sergiy's homeland. All that with the scent of burning charcoal from my samovar...

Happy travels!





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