Red Blossom Tea Company

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When I started asking around for places to check out while in San Francisco, Red Blossom Tea Company's name came up repeatedly. I knew I had to check it out. Then when I had lunch with Kathy one afternoon, she mentioned that she, too, had been there.

They are a family owned business whose shop is located in San Francisco's Chinatown.



Pu'er beeng cha (stone pressed cakes). Typically, seven cakes would be bound together in stacks (seven being a lucky number) and then wrapped in sheaths of bamboo. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Alice Luong, whose family owns the Red Blossom Tea Company. She recommended one of her favorite aged oolongs. I can never turn a good oolong down!


Red Blossom Tea is also known for their finely crafted gaiwans and other fine tea accessories. I managed to find a beautiful pu'er knife.  

Can not describe how amazing this smelled...


They also sell these cups and wooden saucers. I had to pick up a couple of them.

Aged pu'er cake...

This is the Wuyi Collection; 5 teas to sample along with a brewing guide. It's a great way to sample teas or to gift.

I had the opportunity to visit twice while I was in San Francisco. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I HIGHLY recommend visiting.


Red Blossom Tea Company

831 Grant Avenue, San Francisco CA

Phone: (415) 395-0868

Mon- Sat 10:00 am -  6:30 pm
Sunday   10:00 am -  6:00 pm

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