The Slanted Door

Posted on February 01, 2013 by LISA KUNIZAKI | 0 Comments

On my last day in San Francisco, I decided to head back to the Ferry Building Marketplace for lunch.

It was filling up pretty quickly, but since I was dining solo it was pretty easy to get a table.

Wild California Uni, Black Tobiko, Avocado, Cucumber...

This was phenomenal and I probably could have ordered three or four more of these if I hadn't ordered so many other things. I have this not-so-secret love affair with uni so I had to order it once I saw it on the menu. This wild California uni is amazingly sweet and delicious. It sits on top of this refreshing, light avocado and cucumber puree. Must be something in the California water that makes these sea urchins so tasty!

The Slanted Door Spring Rolls, Gulf Shrimp, Pork, Mint, Peanut Sauce & Elderflower Spritzer 

(Seltzer Sisters’ Soda Water with Nikolaihof Biodynamic Elderflower Syrup)

The problem with eating alone is that you can't try as many dishes as you would like to because you run the risk of filling up really quickly. I ate one roll which was super yummy and had the rest packed up. Everything was perfectly balanced.

It was a lot chillier in SF than I expected it to be and was really craving some soup.                                                                                    

Gulf Shrimp & Pork Wonton Soup, Five-Spiced Pork, Egg Noodles...

And ended the meal with this lovely dessert, the Sage Panna Cotta with Poached Cara Cara Orange. This was a total palate cleanser and the oranges on top were bright, sweet and complimented the panna cotta perfectly. It was a little bit savory and a nice amount of sweet. 

I would love to go back when I am visiting SF again with a bigger group and order more things on the menu. Perhaps for dinner too. Lovely view of the bridge and wonderful ambiance.

Although I didn't try any of their teas, they really had a great selection. They source their teas from Silk Road and The Imperial Court, which also has a storefront here in the Ferry Building. It was refreshing to see that. I wish it was more like that in New York City. They serve Afternoon Tea everyday between the hours of 2:30 pm and 4:30 pm. I was told they serve finger food and desserts.

Farewell San Francisco. Till we meet again!




The Slanted Door

1 Ferry Building No. 3

San Francisco, CA 94111

T. 415-861-8032


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