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"Ladies-Only Beer Classes on Tap at New Astoria Brewery"

...when I read that, I have to say my heart skip a beat. I immediately contacted Trista to sign up for her classes. 

(Photo: Time Out NY)

New Queens brewery, SingleCut Beersmiths is hosting a series of women-only beer classes. Trista Harnisch, also dubbed the Queens of Kegs, will be leading the beer sessions. 

I missed the first class, but Trista invited me to Idle Hands where they were hosting a special NY Beer Event. It was a great opportunity for a field trip for the new "Ladies-Only students".

The $10 charge covered one taste of featured whiskey (Powers Irish Whiskey), 3 full pours of featured breweries (Kelso Rauchbier,

Empire Amber Ale, SingleCut Beersmiths Billy 18-Watt IPA). We also received one order of Tater Tots from That Burger ...

and one pairing of Jarlsberg Hickory Smoked Cheese to pair with our smokey beer from Kelso Brewery.

To end the evening, a shot of Powers Irish Whiskey. This was so smooth and I really enjoyed it. Aromatic, full flavored, sweet finish...I got hints of coconut after I chased it with some water. 

I am so excited to be starting this series. I found it especially interesting that there's going to be a tea and beer pairing course at The World Tea Expo this year! In addition to the Tea & Wine, Tea & Food pairing classes I will be attending, I have decided to sign up for the Tea & Beer pairing course after this wonderful night out.  

I'm hoping I can take what I learn from Trisha Harnisch to Las Vegas with me this summer.

News recently spread about the Tea Journal in the Moleskine Passions Journal Series. I have to thank Kathy again for keeping me on top of all the latest trends. The also have a few others I decided to purchase; beer, wine and travel.

I will be documenting all my beer outings from now on. I'll be able to document my visits to breweries, pouring tips offered by brewmasters, pairing suggestions, tips on glass types, tasting notes, a homebrewing log, space for my own recipes, the condition of my brewing environment (since I don't currently have a cellar), and my favorite beers.


(Image from Jee Choe's Oh, How Civilized)

Tea and beer professionals alike share many techniques when tasting and evaluating their beverages. I hope I can hone in and acquire skills to one day lead a comparative tasting of tea and beer on my own.




SingleCut Beersmiths

19-33 37th Street 

Astoria, NY 11105

Thursday 5 pm to 10 pm

Friday 5 pm to 11 pm

Saturday 1 pm to 11 pm

Sunday 1 pm to 6 pm

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