Afternoon Tea at The St. Regis

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Are you ready for an elegant tea with two little ladies? Porthault linens, Limoges china and Waterford crystal set the tone for this afternoon.

(Photo from The St. Regis)

So charming...

I am obsessed with floral arrangements in the entrances of buildings. I think they are so important and play such a crucial role in any entryway. 

I love this very old letter box...

...the details...

and small touches everywhere.

I made reservations for four. Ariana and her mom, Alexandra, joined us for tea. We've been trying to get the girls together for a while so I was so happy when we were finally able to commit to a date and time. Here are their fancy poses...

A Savory Selection of Tea Sandwiches:

English Cucumber, Minted Dill, Brioche

Roasted Chicken, Lemon, Thyme, Sourdough

Chopped Egg, Mustard Aioli, Kalamata

Peppered Pastrami, Horseradish, Cornichon, Rye

Cured Salmon, Herbed Lemon Butter, Pumpernickel

with the edges cut off, delicately assembled and perfectly lined up. 

Sandwiches perfect for bonding time.

On to the sweets, from the top...

Fresh Baked Scones and to accompany them...

From top: Lemon Curd, Strawberries Preserves (made in-house), and Devonshire Cream

Miniature Pound Cakes and Fruit Tarts

Glazed Gâteau de Voyage

Teas are provided by a Canadian Company based in Vancouver called Tea Leaves. They also source to The Mandarin Oriental, The Four Seasons, The Ritz-Carlton and many other high-end institutions around the world.

Alexandra ordered the St. Regis Blend (Keemun and Ceylon Teas Perfumed with Blackcurrant and the Essence of Bergamot)

I ordered the Osmanthus Oolong No. 3411 (Top-grade High Mountain Oolong Tea from Formosa Delicately Scented with Rare Osmanthus Flowers. A traditional symbol of love, osmanthus is often used in wedding customs in Taiwan. Aroma: fruity, floral and apricot notes.)


We ordered Old Blue Eyes No. 2080 for the girls; a lovely tisane. (A Magic Elixir of Blue Cornflower Petals, Apples, Caramel and Vanilla)


Theirs didn't have any caffeine so it must have been all the sweets...

Lovely time had by all.

Until next time...




Few reading recommendations for the little ones in your life:

Fancy Nancy: Tea for Two by Jane O'Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser

Eloise In Paris by Kay Thompson and Hilary Knight

Fancy Nancy: Tea Parties by Jane O'Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser

Children's Tea and Etiquette: Brewing Good Manners in Young Minds by Dorothea Johnson, John Harney, Bruce Richardson (Intro)

Olivia Plans A Tea Party by Natalie Shaw  



St. Regis

Afternoon Tea Daily 3 pm - 5 pm


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