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My body, including my hair, has been taking an extreme beating form this cold weather. I enjoy tea in the office several times a day and it's a wonderful way to keep the stress at bay, but after a while it does start to pile up. Nothing cures that like a visit to a luxurious hotel where I can be pampered at a first-rate spa.

When I called to schedule my reservation, the young lady asked me what I hoped to accomplish on my visit. I thought this was a good question because frankly, I had no idea what it was that I needed exactly.  I only let my dermatologist touch my skin so I knew right off the bat I wasn't going to have a facial. I found her guidance extremely helpful.

I paused for a few seconds and then I told her about needing a good exfoliating and moisturizing session. I want to relax, but my body also needs a little maintenance. I also told her that I'd like to be transported. 

She paused, thought for a moment and then told me she had just the thing for me--The Clearing Factor Journey. As it is described in their brochure:

"This breakthrough treatment is dedicated to restoring and clearing the body to a naturally revitalized state of balance and vitality using a carefully customized sequence of intensive clearing and detoxifying therapies. The treatment begins with a relaxing full body exfoliation using a freshly mixed blend of fine grain Dead Sea Salts and Kama Oil. Next, the therapist administers Lymph Drainage Therapy by using soft-touch opening techniques that encourage movement and drainage of the lymph system. Once the opening process is complete, a massage follows that is primarily Swedish in technique. Traditional cupping - an ancient method of body purification, is used on the back to draw more impurities to the surface for elimination. A full body wrap using anti-oxidant Neem Black Clay follows the cupping treatment to soothe your skin. The treatment ends with a gentle moisturizing lotion to hydrate the skin." 

I arrived an hour early, but you can come in anytime before your treatment to enjoy their facilities. As soon as I arrived I was greeted with Mountain Berry tea (served hot) and a hot towel for my face and hands. They took my coat and I was given spa slippers. Then I was led into the women's locker room. After changing into a plush robe, I chose the Heat Experience Room first

for a dip...

taking long sips of iced water infused with fresh orange slices.

and then the Amethyst Crystal Steam Room to further calm my mind.


After several glasses of orange infused ice cold water, I headed for the Relaxation Room to wait for my therapist. 

Orchids, gorgeous city view and the gentle sound of water flowing...

Light refreshments like dried fruit, nuts, fresh fruit and orange infused iced cold water...



Then my massage therapist came to get me and led me to a spacious treatment room with a private shower and gorgeous city view. I used the shower three times between each treatment. After a three hour session, not including the time I spent in the Heat and Relaxation Rooms, I returned back to the Relaxation Room where I settled into one of the comfy beds by the window. The treatment ends with another cup of Mountain Berry Tea and this super detox juice which contains carrots, apples, cucumbers, lemons and ginger. 

Since I chose a detox treatment it was recommended I hydrate hydrate hydrate over the next couple of days. I have to say that I honestly felt like a new person after I left, but who wouldn't after spending almost an entire day in the spa. It was absolute nirvana. If you need a mental and physical escape then I highly recommend this spa. It won't disappoint and the service is top notch from beginning to end.



Mandarin Oriental New York Hotel Spa
80 Columbus Circle at 60th Street, NYC 10023

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