Weekend Brunch In Greenpoint, Brooklyn

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 Saturday mornings are for low key brunch with loved ones...


I live in Sunnyside which is in Queens, but it's actually a really quick walk/drive to Greenpoint, Brooklyn from our place because we're right on the border.

We chose a family friendly place that also has a great adult brunch menu (i.e. alcoholic beverages).

They've got great brunch deals. All meals come with a beverage and cost $19. The Lobster Joint makes a Bloody Mary that's fantastic. Spot-on perfect combination of tomato, spice, horseradish, booze and garnish. The Lobster Claw Bloody Mary is garnished with a huge lobster claw, a pickle, olives, celery stalk, lemon and lime wedge. You may think it's overkill, but it isn't. 

My brother and Sergiy don't like olives so I always get to eat them. Nom nom, more for me. 

Mike, Sergiy and I all ordered the Lobster Huevos Rancheros because, well, um, it is freaking amazing. Everything is cooked to perfection and the eggs! Crispy around the edges and perfectly hot and runny in the center. And you get a real generous portion of lobster meat. 

Speaking of generous portions, Clarissa ordered the Lobster Mac and Cheese. It was piping hot when it arrived to our table and you could see the steam rising from the pasta as you stuck the fork through the top layer of cheese. We all tried some because it just looked too good to pass up. 

There were massive chunks of lobster meat mixed in evenly throughout the pasta. 

The two biggest rascals I know...

These two are always teasing each other...

NY Waterway's East River Ferry connects Manhattan with various locations throughout Queens and Brooklyn (seasonally Governor's Island). Routes shown below; image from site.

View from the landing...

East River Ferry

Our mantra for the day...

Beautiful street art

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday weekend!  

Happy brunching!



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