Weekend: Made In Brooklyn

Posted on April 10, 2013 by LISA KUNIZAKI | 0 Comments

Lazy brunch at The Good Fork in Red Hook, Brooklyn with family visiting from Japan.... 

What I felt they needed was some good comfort food...Shrimp + Grits

Toasted tortillas, fresh serrano chili salsa, black bean puree, chicharrones, and two perfectly cooked eggs with a runny center. YUM.

If there's Fried Chicken on the menu, dad will always order it. The Belgian Waffles with berries and spiced maple syrup were an added bonus.

 Iced tea for me...

and coffee for everyone else.

Apple bourbon bread pudding with ice cream on top

Steve's Key Lime Pie with whipped cream

Stop into Cacao Prieto for a sampling of their liquor and chocolate...

They have the most fascinating packaging for their chocolate bars. Not only are the illustrations lovely, but they have a charming story behind them. 

I listened attentively as we went through some of the illustrations. 

"This one tells the story of how my parents met in Coney Island"...

Case full of goodies

Rustic machinery everywhere adds character to the space

So shiny...in complete awe!

Chamomile Rum

And their super impressive Widow Jane Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey that dad picked up. Hand labeled and hand numbered, there are only a limited number available. 

One last glimpse of all those gorgeous bottles before heading out...




Cacao Prieto

218 Conover Street 

Brooklyn (Red Hook), New York

Tuesday through Friday 11 am - 6 pm

Saturday and Sunday 11 am - 7 pm

The Good Fork

391 Van Brunt Street

Brooklyn (Red Hook), New York


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