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Posted on June 17, 2013 by LISA KUNIZAKI | 0 Comments

Seafood extravaganza all prepared at home!!! 

Raw clams mom picked up from the seafood market in Astoria where everything is always super fresh. Mom prepared a grand assortment of ceviches...

Octopus based ceviche

Corvina based ceviche

Shrimp based ceviche

Mom's super crazy delicious hot sauce

These deep fried balls of heaven (Bolon) are an Ecuadorian dish made with green plantains, chicharron, and cheese. I've seen a  lot of recipes for bolon, but none of them really sound like my mom's and I won't ever give away the recipe. The ceviches, hot sauce and bolon are all treasured family recipes from Ecuador where my mother was born (she is half Chinese, half Ecuadorian). 

We washed this all down with some delicious iced black tea mixed in with freshly squeezed lime juice and muddled mint leaves from mom's garden.

Have a great day!



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