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We all know about Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasborg here in NYC, but LIC Flea is brand spanking new to the scene. I say the more the merrier.

Queens rules! New York City has 5 boroughs: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and...Staten Island (often forgotten territory). 


Coffee & Cocktails...

Who doesn't crave a lobster roll in the summer?

One of my favorite Japanese comfort foods...

I first met Lisa, owner of The Chocolate Swirl, about a year ago at a city-sponsored incubator space in Astoria, Queens. It was wonderful to see her and her dad, who was her helper for the day. Not only are her sweets delicious and incredibly creative, but they are as sweet as she is. Always polite and cheery and always ready to tell me with great enthusiasm about her new products.

These Ice Cream Brownie Pops are a steal at $3 a pop.

And how fun would these Boozy Pops be at a party?

For the inner kid in us, I HAVE to recommend the Samoa Mini Cupcake which Clarissa devoured quicker than you could say, cupcake.

Not only beautiful, but delicious.

There was a pretty decent wait for these babies...

I arrived to the Flea pretty early, but still managed to miss out on a few donuts. Donuts from Dough are soft and pillowy. Obviously, they are delicious.   

However, I did manage to score the LAST Passion Fruit with Cocoa Nibbs donut of the day (I heard the person behind me sigh and grunt). I picked up a few for the family: Hibiscus (gorgeous bright pinkish color icing with hibiscus flowers sprinkled on top),

Dulce De Leche with Toasted Almonds, and...

Lemon Poppy Seed.

Mitchell Greenberg is the CEO of Mitchmallows...

How adorable is this! Smore D'oeuvres. 

Handcrafted, small batch, gourmet marshmallows in a rainbow of colors and flavors.

Can't wait to go back to the LIC Flea. It's just a hop skip and a jump from me now. Relax and take the East River Ferry while you're at it and enjoy the ride!

LIC Flea & Food will debut June 15 and will run every Saturday and Sunday on a large open lot located at 5th Street and 46th Avenue on the Hunters Point waterfront from 10 am  to 6 pm. The market plans to run a van service between the market and the Long Island City East River station to shuttle shoppers coming from other neighborhoods.

Public transportation: E, 7, M and G

Go flea this weekend!



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