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Here we are. 

If you've ever had the pleasure of eating any of the desserts from the Yoku Moku line (like their signature cigar rolls) you'll recognize the color of their shop a mile away. Hint: their tins are the same color. This very distinct bright blue exterior nearly sent me into a frenzy before we arrived at the entrance.  

They have an outdoor seating area, but it's much too hot and humid for that right now. 

I am a huge fan of Yoku Moku. Huge is really an understatement. I made it a point to stop into their lounge for some early afternoon refreshments and then afterwards I stopped in their boutique next door for some souvenirs. It's a quick walk from the train station so it's super convenient to get there.

They have a gorgeous courtyard where you can dine. We had a nice view of it from our table.

It's lush and green complete with statues to create the most peaceful setting.

They offer a wide selection of sweet and savory items. Crepes, rolls and cakes of all kinds...

and my fave summertime treat, kakigori (shaved ice) with syrup and condensed milk.

Mango syrup

and then the condensed milk. YUM!

My cousin, Kaori, ordered the matcha roll. The two cigar rolls are complimentary.

I ordered the iced tea with milk on the side.

And my cousin stuck with her usual iced coffee. 

After our short break, we went next door to the boutique to pick up a few gifts to take home. You'r not allowed to take pictures in any of the stores or restaurants in Japan so the closest I could to these jellies were through the window.

So, when you're in Tokyo next time make sure to stop in and enjoy the boundless treats at the Blue Brick Lounge. You won't be sorry.

Yoku Moku Blue Brick Lounge

5-3-3 Minami-Aoyama 




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