Afternoon Tea Aboard The Queen Mary | Long Beach, California

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The day after the World Tea Expo was all done, I knew I wanted to head to The Queen Mary to have Afternoon Tea.

We snagged a table by the window. 

Here's the menu. 

The savories and scones came out first.

 Scones were served with Devonshire cream and homemade local jam.

Shredded chicken & dried mango tossed in a light curry aioli on wheat bread. Deviled egg salad & micro dijon greens served on pumpernickel bread. Canary melon & prosciutto with pomegranate cream on artisan bread & fresh mint. 

House cured Alaskan salmon & English cucumber with aioli on rye bread with caviar. Sweet shrimp with heart of palm & herb dressing on sourdough bread.

And then the sweets came out. 

They were all so delicious!

I had my tea with a glass of champagne. They had the most adorable accessory for their sugars! 


I had an amazing time exploring The Queen Mary and enjoyed the Diana exhibit immensely. We were bummed to find out that the Spruce Goose (Howard Hughes' H-4 Hercules) had been moved decades before to the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum in Oregon, but other than that, it was a perfect day! Dad had last seen it there over 20 years ago. 

Till we meet again for tea!




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Fortnum & Mason | Nagoya

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Clarissa, mom and I had tea with our relatives in Nagoya at Fortnum & Mason right before we had to board the bullet train to Nara this summer.

They were sticklers when it came to photographs so I had to really be careful.

I'm pretty sure Clarissa would have been able to eat this entire plate of dessert had we not had lunch just moments before.

If you're looking for a great book to add to your tea library, pick up Tea at Fortnum & Mason by Emma Marsden.

Happy tea time!



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TWG Tea Salon & Boutique | Jiyugaoka

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As I was exiting the Jiyugaoka train station one day I noticed this adorable sign. Alas, it is for the TWG Tea Salon & Boutique. TWG Tea Company was established in Singapore in 2008 by Manoj M. Murjani and Taha Bouqdib.

So what's with the misleading year (1837) on their logo? The company claims it is a tribute to the "year when the Chamber of Commerce was founded in Singapore". They have many locations throughout the world including Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, United Kingdom, and United Arab Emirates.  

TWG stands for The Wellness Group. I was kind of hoping it stood for something that sounded a bit less corporate.

They also sell hand made tea-infused sweet and savory items.  

They have a very large assortment of loose leaf teas available to purchase behind the counter as well as teabags that come beautifully wrapped and packaged.

Their tea salon was packed with ladies in the middle of the day. 

They sell very ornate, expensive silver and gold teapots and cups. I didn't sit to have tea, but I did have just enough time to pop in and snap a few pictures before the lady behind the counter asked me not to take any photographs. 


TWG Tea Salon & Boutique

1-9-8 Jiyugaoka Meguro-ku Tokyo

Tel. +81 (03) 3718 1588

Monday through Sunday 11 am - 9 pm


Happy exploring!





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Afternoon Tea Party in East Hampton

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It was wonderful working with The Independent and Hampton Daze Magazine on their first Afternoon Tea Party themed event. Read event description here.

Delicious mini cupcakes made in house...

The Independent exhibiting 20 years of celebrity photographs...

I provided two iced teas for the guests. One was the Love Spell which I infused with fresh raspberries, strawberries and mint.

The other one was the Summer Child which I infused with beautiful, juicy ripe peaches and fragrant mint.

And for those who were looking for something with a little bit more of a kick, Jessica (Editor of The Independent) created something a little special...

Pimm's Cup & a delicious white wine spritzer. 

Red Horse (Shopping) Plaza is located at 74 Montauk Highway in East Hampton, New York. You'll find a gourmet market, a wine shop, a spa, and a few antique shops here. 

Absolutely charming space to have an Afternoon Tea party.

Laura Anne Pelliccio (left) is the Beauty Editor for Hampton Daze Magazine and Jessica Mackin (right) is the Editor in Chief at Hampton Daze Magazine and Arts Editor at The Independent.

Outdoor seating...

 with cushy seats and beautiful benches.

I believe spas and teas go hand in hand and are a great fit for one another. It just makes sense. Both are soothing, relaxing and provide the kind of comfort that our bodies need.  

 It was a very long day and an even longer Jitney ride home, but it was all so worth it. 

I couldn't have thought of a better way to wrap up the summer. 



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Mariage Fréres | Ginza

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I can't understand why we don't have a Mariage Fréres in New York City? They have 15 locations in Japan alone! It drives me completely nuts. Luckily I had the opportunity to stop into the one in Ginza on my last trip to Japan. 

Mariage Fréres Ginza is right in the heart of the Ginza district, down a small street off the main Chuo-dori Street. This most prestigious of Japan's Mariage Fréres stores has a graceful, wood-paneled facade, with wrought iron window bars upstairs that reflect its French origins.

Step inside Mariage Fréres Ginza and you are greeted by a very inattentive yet knowledgeable staff - as well as a wallful of teapots and tea canisters, as varied in shape and color as the kinds of tea offered here. I have to say, the sight of those oversized tea canisters set my heart aflutter. They also had books about tea and other little accessories. 

The Mariage Fréres Ginza is comprised of a restaurant, tea museum, tea emporium and tea salon. 

Their tea menu reads like a book. A staggering selection with exclusive teas not available in all their stores. I couldn't resist picking up a few teas while in the shop.

First one I chose was the Paris-Ginza, which is an exclusive flavored black tea blend.

The second one I chose was the Tokyo Breakfast Tea, a yuzu black tea.

I couldn't resist purchasing this Sel Matcha, a tea flavored Matcha salt that can be used for cooking or flavoring savory items. I might just sprinkle a little on my popcorn.

The last thing I picked up before heading out was some Moon Palace Tea, a blue tea from Thailand. Of course, that's only after I managed to get the attention of a nice young man, who was more than eager to help me choose some teas. The two French men standing near the counter barely glanced my way when I asked for assistance. The young man who finally did end up helping me (and I must have spent a good half hour smelling more than a dozen teas) was very patient and knowledgeable about the MF tea line. He answered all of my questions and showed a great passion for tea. In the end he suggested I might like the Moon Palace Tea so I bought it.

In conclusion, I thought the shop was gorgeous and the location is ideal, but I'm not sure I'll be returning to this particular location to pick up my teas in the future.

More on the specifics of the teas in a later post.




Mariage Fréres Ginza
Suzuran-Dori, 5-6-6 Ginza
Chuo-Ku, Tokyo
Phone. : 03 3572 1854

Tea emporium & Museum 11:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Restaurant & Tea Salon  12:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.


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