Jiyugaoka Bake Shop | Coffee & Tea Break In Tokyo

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After a day of shopping and people watching we snuck into the Bakeshop for a coffee/tea break. 

Located in one of my all time favorite areas this place has an awesome indoor and outdoor eating area on the 4th floor. It was a little too windy for us to sit outdoors that day so we decided to move indoors. 

 The also offer coffee, pastry and accessory workshops there.

 On November 10th they're holding a Chemex workshop. Wish I could be there! (Photo from site)

Plenty of sweets and savories...

I noticed a lot of interesting things about their tea selection. Like how most of their teas are from the UK, Ireland and Sweden. Two out of the three are pretty old companies dating back over 200 years. Teapigs is a tea company based in the UK. I recognized their cute packaging when I was exploring the tea section near our apartment. Campbell's Perfect Tea is made in Dublin, Ireland and was originally established by J & G Campbell Company back in 1797. They use mainly East African teas. Kobbs is a Swedish tea company established in 1809 by Martin Samuel Kobb in Gothenburg. His sons, Pontus and August Kobb, joined their father's firm shortly after. Notice how they also have a special tea selection for Kids & Baby--Babycino and Kid's Cocktail. So there's really something for everyone!


I'm always amazed at how many cafes and tea rooms there are in Tokyo. I could probably spend a lifetime trying to discover them all.  





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