Mother's Day Tea | Williams-Sonoma

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My mother was kind enough to volunteer for the THIRD time at one of my Williams-Sonoma events.


I hosted a Mother's Day Tea this past Saturday from 1pm to 3 pm.

It was still comfortably warm and not too humid when we arrived, but the sun was out and we were both in great spirits.

As we approached the entrance I noticed this super sweet sign...

and we had our usual designated spot near the food demo section in the rear of the store. The sign really got people curious and into the store.

I wanted to change things up a bit so I chose a different set up for the Mother's Day Tea.

Hario is known for their high quality products and excellent design and functionality of their accessories for making coffee, but they recently came out with an entire line for tea. I decided to use the Hario Tea Dripper Largo System. The set up consists of the stand, scale/timer and soak dripper.

Here's the lowdown on how to use the system. 1) Place tea dripper on stand and then add tea leaves into the bowl. 2) Boil fresh water at appropriate temperature and slowly pour into the glass bowl. 3) Put the lid on and brew for appropriate amount of time. 4) Press switch to extract tea. Here's a video if you'd like to see it in action. 

I steeped some fresh Tea 14, Love Spell, the morning of the event and served it chilled. As usual it was a huge hit and we sold out of Love Spell at the event in addition to whatever teas we had leftover from the Artisans' Market. I'm working on having some more in stock within the next two weeks since we only have a couple in stock.

Our Warm Heart compressed green teas and Blooming Teas made great last minute gifts for people who wanted to buy inexpensive yet thoughtful gifts for the special women in their lives.

They were especially popular with the kids who came in wanting to buy mom a gift with their own money. We sold out of our Love Spell and only walked away with two pouches of Tea 22, Mon Frère.

Thank you again to Williams-Sonoma for allowing us to serve your customers on a holiday weekend! Hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day.















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Williams-Sonoma Artisans' Market

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We were so thrilled to be invited to participate in the Artisans' Market at Williams-Sonoma on Saturday, May 3rd. 

We arrived a little early to set up, but things got busy pretty quickly. 

I was so excited when I saw this sign!

If you've never been to the Williams-Sonoma at 59th Street and Lexington Avenue, this is the entrance.

And right to the left of the entrance as you walk through the doors was our table! The staff there are SO good to us. 

Here's mom sporting one of our aprons. I bought one from Muji when I was in Japan last summer and absolutely loved it so then my cousin, Chika, was kind enough to buy me some more and mail them to me from Tokyo. I absolutely love that store. I grew up buying most of my stuff from there growing up. Just a side note, they make the absolute best socks!  

Here are all seven teas in a little mahogany light up display box for people to open and sniff. 

I served our two best-sellers, Love Spell and Chocolat et Fraise in Hario Jumping Tea Pots and made sure to steep a new pot each time we ran low. We ran out of the Love Spell before we had to leave so a few people we left a little disappointed. We also sold out of the full size tea pouches at the event! 

I also served Mon Frère, our vanilla hazelnut oolong, which was a huge hit!

We sold little point of purchase items for people to take as gifts and had special offers on our sugars.


Our Warm Heart compressed green tea were a smash and at $3 a piece I think everyone agreed it was a bargain. We also sold blooming teas for $6. Everything was gift wrapped and beautifully presented. 

We would like to thank everyone who attended the event and for everyone who purchased our products. We had a fabulous time and we met some wonderful people. We are also extremely grateful to Williams-Sonoma for inviting us to participate in this year's Artisans' Market.



P.S. We will be hosting a Mother's Day Tea at Williams-Sonoma on Saturday, May 10th. For info click on the link.



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BRIKA & The Coveteur Collaboration | Paramount Hotel Pop-Up

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We are thrilled to participate in an exciting pop-up BRIKA just launched at the Paramount Hotel in Times Square, New York, in partnership with The Coveteur.

We will be featuring three special gift sets: Chic Hostess Gift Set, Espress Yourself Gift Set & The Love Cycle Tea Flight. Interested? LIKE us on FB and Twitter and sign up for our newsletter on our homepage for updates.

Espress Yourself Gift Set (or the I Heart Coffee gift set) is perfect for the coffee lover in your life.

The Love Cycle Tea Flight was inspired by BRIKA and will be available in limited quantities. The Flight includes: Tea No. 14 Love SpellTea No. 20 Chocolat et Fraise & Tea No. 104, Evening Engagement. You can only get this combo of teas through this flight.


The inspiration behind this box is the "cycle" that romantic relationships take.  All our teas are named and numbered after Lisa's family members.  Her dad says that when he met Lisa's mother, she put him under a "love spell".  The Chocolatet Fraise is a chocolate covered strawberry tea - very romantic and represents the courting period.  And of course, Evening Engagement speaks for itself. It all goes full circle to Love Spell, numbered after the day Lisa's parents got married (and celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary this year).  That's The Love Cycle!

The tea flights (we have two) will also be available as corporate gifts, wedding favors and special orders. They come wrapped in our custom wrapping paper complete with our new mascot for the CdS Heritage Tea line: the Shiba Inu. The tins are sealed with our logo printed masking tape (designed by the same people at Anthropologie). So, your gift will be ready to go if you order from BRIKA.  

Here's some pics from opening night:

BRIKA is a fast growing e-commerce site that elevates the craft and celebrates storytelling by bringing under-the-radar artisans and designers to a connected and conscious consumer. The site offers a curated assortment of beautifully crafted products from artisans and designers, while celebrating the makers themselves. BRIKA was conceived for the creative, smart, and stylish consumer--typically a woman, who is 'engaged in life' and wants one-of-a-kind products that she can't find everywhere else, and wants it via a beautiful, easy-to-navigate online experience. Each week, BRIKA introduces new makers who create products in the categories of House & Home, Paper Goods, Jewelry, Accessories and Little Ones.

The Coveteur is a top online style destination for the fashion-obsessed with unparalleled access to the closets of celebrities, influencers and style icons.

Above: The Love Cycle Tea Flight & The Chic Hostess (Sucre Rond & Sucre Carré)

The shop features Karlie's Kookies, a joint venture between Momofuku Milk Bar and supermodel Karlie Kloss. KK is a wholesome baked goods line features kookies and pies and a portion of the proceeds for each sale is donated to FEED, to help provide nutritious meals to those in need. The products are all gluten and dairy free.

For the wee ones, they had the most adorable dresses and onesies. Karina and I wished they made some of the outfits in adult sizes.

Karina recognized these sunglasses immediately. Turns out the Co-Founder of Babiators is also a Sacred Heartie! It was great meeting and catching up with my fellow Sacred Heartie, Molly Fienning.

There was champagne and even a nail design station at the event.

Plenty of gorgeous bags, aprons and stationary.

And don't get me started on the jewelry.

With Co-founders Jennifer Lee Koss + Kena Paranjape (or Jena as they are sometimes called) who made this all a reality.

Whoever invented the pop-up concept (restaurant or shop) is a genius!

Launching: Tuesday, November 26th through January 6, 2014

Location: The Free & The Brave store at the Paramount Hotel 235 West 46th Street NYC

The closets will be shoppable online via ipads in-store and merchandise will be delivered directly to the customer's home. So one can shop till they drop sans heavy bags = no schlepping through crowds or subways. In addition to the convenience of no heavy baggage, use this promo code: PARAMOUNT at checkout to receive 15% of your order valid until January 15, 2014! 

Don't miss out on this very special pop-up.

Happy holidays!




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Afternoon Tea Party in East Hampton

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It was wonderful working with The Independent and Hampton Daze Magazine on their first Afternoon Tea Party themed event. Read event description here.

Delicious mini cupcakes made in house...

The Independent exhibiting 20 years of celebrity photographs...

I provided two iced teas for the guests. One was the Love Spell which I infused with fresh raspberries, strawberries and mint.

The other one was the Summer Child which I infused with beautiful, juicy ripe peaches and fragrant mint.

And for those who were looking for something with a little bit more of a kick, Jessica (Editor of The Independent) created something a little special...

Pimm's Cup & a delicious white wine spritzer. 

Red Horse (Shopping) Plaza is located at 74 Montauk Highway in East Hampton, New York. You'll find a gourmet market, a wine shop, a spa, and a few antique shops here. 

Absolutely charming space to have an Afternoon Tea party.

Laura Anne Pelliccio (left) is the Beauty Editor for Hampton Daze Magazine and Jessica Mackin (right) is the Editor in Chief at Hampton Daze Magazine and Arts Editor at The Independent.

Outdoor seating...

 with cushy seats and beautiful benches.

I believe spas and teas go hand in hand and are a great fit for one another. It just makes sense. Both are soothing, relaxing and provide the kind of comfort that our bodies need.  

 It was a very long day and an even longer Jitney ride home, but it was all so worth it. 

I couldn't have thought of a better way to wrap up the summer. 



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