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Clarissa and I left the house early in the morning and set out to Mitsukoshi Department Store in the Ginza district of Tokyo. It's like 5th Avenue, but ten times more luxurious. I'm not sure how many of you know this, but if you arrive right when the department store opens its doors, customers are in for a special treat. A true demonstration of Japanese hospitality. I wanted Clarissa to experience this in all its glory. 

As soon as the department stores open, every employee is lined up neatly waiting to greet customers. Traditionally they bow and welcome you to the store with an enthusiastic "irasshaimase!" which roughly translates to "welcome and please come in". 

Clarissa thought this was really over the top and a little strange.

We were both so excited because there was so much to see. 

Harrods The Plantation Rooms Tea Room is located on the Fourth Floor...

 and David Myers Cafe on the Sixth Floor. Ladurée Salon de The on the Second Floor. 

Ladurée Salon de The is located on the 2nd floor of the luxurious Mitsukoshi Department Store in Ginza. You'll find a little bit of Paris right there in that little nook. That's where we decided to have breakfast.

 A table right by the window with a fantastic view. 

Busy street below...

with lots to see. 


Matching china, gorgeous menu, and embossed paper napkins...

everything was so charming. Sterling silver tea pots...

 and little details like customized handle covers for the tea pots!

Clarissa ordered herself some breakfast: eggs and bacon, and a pot of tea. 

And then we ordered some desserts...

 Although it was cloudy and misting that morning, we enjoyed every minute of our time together.  


Ginza Mitsukoshi 2F, 4-6-16 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8212, Japan




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