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If you're shopping for tiaras, cosmetics or fine pearls while in Tokyo, you know you'll need to take a small tea break at some point. Lucky for us, Mikimoto has it's own Lounge where you can savor sweets made by Japan’s famous patissier, Hideo Yokota, and special tea blends available only at this location. Toyoo Ito, a Japanese architect that designed multiple buildings in Japan and all over the world, designed the world’s best pearl distributor Mikimoto’s boutique in Ginza.

This year the Mikimoto company will be celebrating their 120th anniversary! 

Read about Kokichi Mikimoto and the origins of these highly revered pearls here

The have a gorgeous selection of desserts. This is the menu that is displayed in the lobby before entering the elevators to the 3rd floor.

We didn't need reservations this time because it was a little late in the afternoon, but if you're planning on visiting I highly recommend making reservations in advance. 

It was definitely very posh and Clarissa was ultra excited to have tea and dessert. A lot of tea lounges require children to be at least 6 years of age, but Clarissa is a very well-behaved young lady so they made an exception. 

If you like everything you try, you can buy the teas to go before leaving.

The space is airy and full of natural night. 

Recognize these sugars

We had an excellent hostess that told us all about Mikimoto's exclusive tea blends.  

She brought out all the teas for us to smell and allowed us to look and touch all the dry leaves.

All their pastries are made by Chef Hideo Yokota. It was so difficult deciding on just two!

The Pearl - A passionfruit parfait...is their signature dessert for obvious reasons. This photo does not do it justice. 

All their original tea blends are organic and from China. They have three and we ordered all three ^_^

I highly recommend you visit the Mikimoto Lounge when you're in Ginza. The service is excellent, but the desserts and tea are even more outstanding. 

I made this string of pearls out of our white sugar balls a while back. I couldn't stop thinking about them when I was enjoying myself in the Mikimoto Lounge. How truly decadent and elegant a simple thing like sugar can be if presented in the right manner. 


Happy lounging!





Mikimoto Lounge

2-4-12 Ginza, Chuo City, Tokyo

11 am to 7 pm Monday through Sunday

Tel. 03-3562-3130

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