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I couldn't wait to receive this package...

and I knew I had to try them all out as soon as possible. Not all at once of course. Rachel Carter of iHeartTeas, makes handmade tea-inspired bath and beauty products 

I think this Oatmeal Stout body soap would be perfect for Sergiy. Rachel makes something for everyone, even the guys. I received Makin' Bacon Vegan Lip Balm, but Sergiy couldn't wait to see what that was all about. 

Rose Petal and Green Tea Goats Milk Bath...Ahhh, I can feel myself relaxing already. 

It's made with real green tea extract, dried rose petals, buds and epsom salts.  

This one is my absolute favorite! Her Just Call Me...Sweet Tea perfume oil is understandably one of her most popular scents. It is a bright and refreshing scent of lemon, orange, citrus peel, iced tea and of course, sugar. I knew I had to have it when I saw it on her web site, but it completely exceeded all of my expectations! I think I went a little overboard and rolled on a bit too much at first, but no matter. I may have to place another order and gift it to everyone I know.

This Chocolate Chai Heart is a body soap and exfoliating bar in one! This one smells good enough to eat and it's perfect for gifting to love ones. 

Read more about Rachel and iHeartTeas in an article that was published in Tea Magazine back in September 2013. She was featured in their spa issue.

I can't wait to try more of her products as she is always concocting new and exciting things. 

Be inspired!




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