All images are copyright Lisa Kunizaki, owner of Chambre De Sucre, and may not be used without prior consent and written permission. Images may not be reposted without credit to Chambre De Sucre or altered in any way that misrepresents our products. 

If you would like to use our images please contact us at contact {at} chambredesucre {dot} com 

For commercial use, please contact us for usage rights rates. 

For our wonderful vendors whom we love working with:

1. Photography - We own the rights to our photographs and they cannot be used, without permission.  We have a set of stock photos that we provide for re-sellers such as yourself and we would be happy to send them to you.   

2.  Product Descriptions - Please use the descriptions we provide on our website.  This prevents mis-representation of our product.  For example, in the Sucre Rond description we have had instances where people refer to the flower embellishments as "royal icing."  It actually is not royal icing.