What are “Gourmet Sugars”?

When we refer to gourmet, we’re referring to the fine craftsmanship and quality that has gone into making each of our sugars. Our workers handcraft these unique sugars through traditional methods employed by Japanese artisans dating back over 270 years.

Can you tell the difference?

Right off the bat, I’d have to say, yes! Absolutely! Our sugars have a fine texture that allows them to dissolve effortlessly.

What makes them so special?

Oh…let me count thee many ways. They are beautiful to look at, a fun way to serve to your guests an impromptu after dinner treat and lastly, they can elevate a simple garden party into an elegant afternoon soiree. Like gems, they are one of a kind, and different in size, shape and color to suit each person’s taste. 

We believe in the art of making every day a special day.

They look like candies; are the sugars flavored?

As gorgeous as the sugars are, none of them are flavored nor do they contain binding agents. That’s why they dissolve so well in beverages. They are only meant to sweeten tea, coffee, cocktails and any other beverage of your choice.

What’s the difference between the various sugars?

They vary in color, shape, size and texture with the exception of the brown sugar.  

Will they make my tea pink?

No, our sugars will not alter the color of your beverage despite being so colorful.

Do the sugars expire?

No, the sugars are non-perishable and do not expire, much like salt. However, we do recommend you keep them in a cool, dry environment away from humidity, spices or perfumed items because they will absorb unwanted smells. We also recommend you not expose your sugars to direct sunlight for long periods. The color may fade over time.

What are some fun, creative ways to use the sugars?

Some of our favorite ways are to give them as hostess gifts, baby shower favors, and wedding favors. We have a sugar for every occasion and they are perfect for the person who has it all. Take a look at our Look Book below.

Do you cater to the hospitality industry?

Our sugars are used for catering events, fashion events, corporate venues and food service. They can be used for any event where an impression wants to be made. We also collaborate and produce custom products for businesses based on quantity. If interested please contact us here

Do you do private label?

Unfortunately, we do not private label.  No one may sell their products under their own name. We would be happy to collaborate on a project with you (e.g. label may read: Chambre de Sucre Exclusively for The Tea Shop On Park).  



Creative Ways To Use Our Sugar:
Chambre de Sucre's Look Book Catalog [PDF, 3MB]

Our Unique History:
Company History [PDF, 607KB]