Abbot Kinney

Abbot Kinney

A refreshing organic blend of lemon myrtle, ginger root, goji berry, honeybush, fennel seed and lemon grass, which can be prepared hot or iced. Our combination of botanicals is perfect to cleanse the body of everyday stressors and toxins like fatigue and anxiety. The liquor is aromatic, bright, and cooling with lingering notes of sweet lemon with a spicy kick right at the end.   

Ginger root has long been researched and used for its many beneficial properties. It is often thought to remedy symptoms of nausea, indigestion, cold, and travel sickness (seasickness and motion sickness). Tea brewed from ginger is a common folk remedy for colds. Ginger beverages (such as ginger ale and ginger beer) are often drunk as tummy tamers. Goji berries have long been believed to boost the immune system and are an excellent source of antioxidants. Fennel has long been used as a remedy for flatulence and indigestion. Lemon Grass is commonly used as the lemon flavoring in herbal teas.

*Originally our Detox blend.

USDA Certified Organic and naturally caffeine free

Ingredients: Organic lemon myrtle, organic goji berry, organic honeybush, organic ginger root, organic fennel seed, organic lemon grass

KOSHER CERTIFIED by Earth Kosher Certification Agency 



Type: Tea

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