Hana (Flower) Sugar
Hana (Flower) Sugar Hana (Flower) Sugar

Hana (Flower) Sugar

Delicate and detailed, our Hana sugars will first, put a big smile on your face. And second, dissolve smooth and flawlessly into your drink. That is, if you can bear to use them. So precious! So colorful! Start the day bright and drop a single Hana into that mug of coffee or tea. Outfitted in a pink or white center, the miniature flowers are created in pastels of pink, yellow, blue, green, and white. Sugars come packaged in our signature Chambre de Sucre glass jar and tag - perfect for gift giving. Or better yet, as a gift to yourself.


Significance behind the color of the flowers:

Blue represents trust and confidence.

White represents purity and refinement.

Yellow represents wisdom. 

Pink represents charity and love.

Green represents harmony and balance.


Type: Sugar

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