Limited Edition Holiday Tea Packaging
Limited Edition Holiday Tea Packaging Limited Edition Holiday Tea Packaging

Limited Edition Holiday Tea Packaging

We are pleased to present our teas in these eco-friendly packaging. Each 2 oz. kraft paper canister with window is carefully and lovingly filled with tea. After the canister has been filled with tea, the details are handwritten on each embossed label. The weight will vary according to tea, but is approximately 1 oz. good for approximately 9-10 servings. 

A curated set of teas sourced from memories of travels and time. These tea blends were originally created to compliment Chambre de Sucre's collection of fine sugars. They have since evolved into a standalone product line. From the valleys of Hawai'i to the late summer in Southern France, these are the teas that inspire and inform the world of Chambre de Sucre. Our teas will transport you, body and mind. 


The following teas are available for purchase:

  • Lviv | An organic Sencha infused with heady notes of bergamot, orange, and lemon peel.
  • Sanur | Classic black tea makes for a robust cup with malty notes of date sugar. For cravings of a tea that's rich and bold. 
  • Calistoga | Organic blend of chamomile, peppermint, licorice root, and lemon peel. An ideal digestive drink that's both restorative and relaxing. 
  • Abbot Kinney | Keeping things clean with lemon myrtle, ginger root, goji berry, honeybush, fennel seed and lemongrass. An organic blend created specific to cleanse the body of daily stress and toxins.
  • Avignon |  A calming organic blend of lemon balm, rose petals, chamomile, strawberry pieces, lemon myrtle, and valerian root. The ideal post-yoga and meditation drink.
  • Madison Park | Bai Mu Dan gently infused with pink rose petals and yellow chrysanthemum. Delicate and elegant, an organic tea for romance. 
  • Kuranaga | A beautiful affair of green tea, popped corn and toasted rice, scented with jasmine flowers. 
  • Lihue | Organic Sencha, coconut, and banana. Umami rich and finished with organic safflower. A dreamy morning tea to awaken the senses. 

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