Mori (Forest) Sugar
Mori (Forest) Sugar Mori (Forest) Sugar

Mori (Forest) Sugar

Can't decide on just one shape? We understand. That's why we created the Mori sugar set. Pale green leaves the color of dewy grass, strawberry bright flowers, and soft-hued pale pink hearts meet white hearts and graceful yellow birds. What a family! We love displaying this one on the breakfast table counter when guests drop by. You'll receive compliments on these handmade Japanese sugars, no doubt. Sugars come packaged in our signature Chambre de Sucre glass jar and tag - perfect for gift giving. Or better yet, as a gift to yourself.


Significance of the shapes chosen for this collection:

The bird symbolizes peace.

The leaf is a symbol of beauty without ego.

The white heart represents love and the pink heart represents women.






Type: Sugar

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