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This is a lovely green tea infused with the time-honored taste of bergamot, orange and lemon peel. Light, refreshing, aromatic and great iced. A wonderful departure from Earl Grey black.

Tea: Sencha Origin: China

KOSHER CERTIFIED by Earth Kosher Certification Agency

Ingredients: green tea, orange peel, cornflowers, lemon peel, safflower, natural essential oil

Steeping instructions:

Start with cold water and bring water to just under a boil (170° - 180°). Add tea leaves, one heaping teaspoon per cup of water. For iced tea, add one level tablespoon. Pour hot water over leaves and steep 1-3 minutes. Strain tea and enjoy!


*Available in exclusive packaging for Free People on their on-line store only. 

**In the very near future, this tea will be available in sachets to the general public. 

Type: Tea

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