Tea 24 Waiāhole Valley
Tea 24 Waiāhole Valley Tea 24 Waiāhole Valley Tea 24 Waiāhole Valley Tea 24 Waiāhole Valley

Tea 24 Waiāhole Valley

You know all about red rooibos, now meet green rooibos. This exotic, caffeine-free base is sourced from Cederberg, South Africa, and low levels of oxidation allows the tea to remain a natural green shade. We couple the rooibos with tropical kisses from our beloved Hawai'i. It's a balance of shredded coconut and dried pineapple, with apples and sweet bananas to round things out. We try to make it to Hawai'i whenever possible, but until then, this fruity Waiahole Valley bides us over quite nicely.  

Story behind the name:

Traditionally, Waiahole Valley was a place for growing taro, but it is a very lush valley that also supports banana, mountain apple, ferns and papaya. The ancient Hawaiians divided the land into ahupua'a, which were like pieces of pie running from the mauka (mountains) to the makai (sea). In a way, the blend captures this with the apples and bananas from the central plains and coconut from nearer the beach. 

Ingredients: green rooibos, natural flavoring, apple pieces, banana pieces, coconut shred, pineapple pieces

Contains: Coconut

Weight 4.5 oz.

Makes 36 cups

KOSHER CERTIFIED by Earth Kosher Certification Agency

Brewing instructions:

Heat cold water to just under a boil (do not boil water). Temperature of water should be between 180-190 degrees. Use 1 level teaspoon of leaves per 8 oz. of water, pour prepared water over leaves and brew 3 to 4 minutes. Strain tea and enjoy!

Inspiration behind this blend: 

All our teas are named and numbered after Lisa's family members. This is a very special blend Lisa made in honor of her best friend Vaughn who lives in Hawai'i, where her family has had a second home for over a decade. Lisa has a deep love for Hawai'i, a place that brings her much love, peace and happiness. She has known Vaughn since they first met in college where they lived on the same dorm room floor. His wife and daughter are also considered part of the Kunizaki ohana (family).

Type: Tea

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