Umi (Ocean) Sugar
Umi (Ocean) Sugar Umi (Ocean) Sugar

Umi (Ocean) Sugar

Deep blue ocean and green sea creatures. Soft golden sand and sky blue meeting the horizon. We captured all the elements of the ocean and sky we love to create Umi, a sugar collection brimming with dolphins, sparkling moons and wishful stars. And of course, hearts to seal in the love. Sugars come packaged in our signature Chambre de Sucre glass jar and tag - perfect for gift giving. Or better yet, as a gift to yourself.


Dolphins are known in the animal kingdom for having a healing effect on people. They are often used in therapy.

Mikazuki Crescent Moon is believed to be the time when gravity is at its weakest. The Japanese believe this results in one being most vulnerable during this time. Our nerves are calm and our emotions are at their most vulnerable.

Japanese believe that the light of the stars relax us by reducing our body temperature.

White and purple stars represent our love for the earth.


Type: Sugar

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