Debunking Negative Reviews about Cortexi Ear-Health Supplement

There are doubts over the legitimacy of “Cortexi Reviews From Customers 2023 Urgent Complaints Or Safe?” as complainants can simply claim 100% reimbursement. First off, Cortexi manufacturers do not claim that their product is a medicinal solution that can treat hearing loss issues.

Dissatisfied customers have no reason to submit negative feedback regarding the product’s efficiency. The manufacturer is known to have paid out any claims for reimbursement within 48 hours after the post-60 day complaint was filed.

Complaining consumers are not even required to submit explanations or justifications. They are even allowed to return empty bottles. If it’s that easy to get one’s money back, why go through all the trouble of writing negative feedback, which many presume are just malicious acts.

Consulting a Physician, Specifically an Ear Specialist Before Product Use

Most users who experienced relief and improvement after 60 days, had first consulted their physician. If the hearing loss case is already serious, the doctor will refer the patient to an ENT (Ears, Nose and Throat) specialist to decide if the Cortexi ear-health supplement is safe to use; or potent enough to provide hearing improvements.

Moreover, most Cortexi users received advice to adjust their dietary intakes by including food high in nutrients that can help improve cochlear health. The nutrition advice is generally to prevent hearing impairment from getting worse.

Current State of Hearing Health Problems in the US

While hearing loss is common in older adults, eating food rich in certain nutrients as well as avoiding ingredients that can weaken cochlear health, can help prevent loss of hearing ability among younger people.

In th4 US alone, 48 million Americans have already been diagnosed with hearing loss issues. In older adults, it is the third most common physical impairment adversely affecting aging people, next to arthritis and heart disease.

Nutrients that Can Help Improve Hearing Abilities

Related studies about hearing-health nutrition revealed that deficiencies in nutrients like B12 and folic acids can cause cochlear degeneration by at least 39%. On the other hand, increasing intakes of said nutrients can prevent hearing impairment as they can also improve cochlear functions by as much as 20%.

In addition to B12 and folic acid, potassium is another important nutrient that can strengthen parts of the hearing organs. Mainly because potassium helps in the translation of sounds passing through the ear by creating electrical impulses that the brain will interpret.