Should You be Worried about Taking a Urinalysis?

When consulting with a physician about certain symptoms that have been affecting your well being, you will likely be required to take a urinalysis. It’s actually a lab test of your urine of which the results will provide information that will help your doctor analyze and determine the disorder being manifested by the symptoms. Some urinalysis however may be taken for a different purpose such as a pregnancy test or for drug screening. However, such urine tests will provide information that is not usually included in a routine urinalysis.

Drug screenings are usually problematic for many people since a urinalysis for this purpose will be able to detect the presence of certain drugs and/or the products of their metabolism.

What Do Drug Tests Urinalysis Reveal

A drug test urinalysis specifically looks for the presence of drugs in your urine, whether a prescription drug or an illegal drug. Drug tests or screening may also involve testing of a person’s blood, saliva, sweat and/or hair, especially if the purpose is to detect the presence of illegal substances or controlled prescription drugs in his or her system.

Still, if the results of a drug tests would be helpful in determining your health condition, it would be best to tell your doctor and even the lab technician beforehand, about any medications, supplements or even vitamins you are currently taking. That way, the results will be properly summarized and analyzed by the technician who performed the urinalysis.

Other people use a different approach to avoiding the results of a urinalysis for drug testing purposes. Instead of submitting their own urine sample, they instead commercially procure the best synthetic urine recommended by those who were able elude the adverse impact of drug detection.

The following types of drugs if detected by way of urinalysis may cause problems for the person required to undergo a drug test:

  • Marijuana, which although legal in some U.S. jurisdictions has not yet been legalized by other states.
  • Opioids which falls under the Schedule II classification of controlled substances subject to medical prescriptions.It’s a drug category that includes codeine, heroin, morphine, fentanyl, oxycodone and hydrocodone.
  • Steroids or Anabolic steroids, are classified under Schedule III under the controlled substance category
  • Amphetamines, including methamphetamine and cocaine are illegal substances.

Controlled substances are drugs that are prescribed as medication by licensed medical practitioners but are controlled because they can only be sold legally if a medical prescription is submitted.

Aside from a physician, a health care provider, a professional or collegiate sports organization, an employer a criminal investigator are entitled to require submission of a drug test urinalysis to satisfy requirements for whatever purpose deemed as fair and legal.

Popular Hair Treatments that Restore Life to Dry, Damaged Hair

As soon as you notice that your hair is starting to frizzle or exhibiting a proneness to breakage, don’t think twice about giving your hair the right treatment. While you may think a haircut is all that you need once hair ends split and when strands break easily, that is not entirely true. There are hair treatments that bring back life to dry, damaged hair; but in order to get the best results, you have to let a professional hairdresser decide the treatment that’s best for you.

Keep in mind that your hair can only stand so much against constant blow drying, styling and coloring. Damaged hair is a sign that your tresses are already stressed out, a condition that you should not take lightly. Otherwise you’ll end up with a more serious hair problem or even no hair to worry over at all. While there are lots of salon products that you can use for a DIY hair treatment, avoid doing so if you do not have the expertise to know what’s right for your kind of hair problem.

Generally, the only hair treatments we know are the popular ones like hot oil and keratin. Most upscale beauty parlors offer more options such as scalp, deep cleansing, moisture and detox treatments, but are into calling their treatment services by the brand of hair repair solution used. Moreover hairdressers at signature hair salons undergo training with the hair experts of the brand they represent. That way, they can apply the right techniques when applying them as remedy for a specific hair problem.

Types of Hair Treatments Offered by Hair Salons as Remedies for Damaged Hair

Scalp Treatment – A healthy scalp is vital to healthy hair growth. Dry and itchy scalp means there’s not enough oil to support hair life. On the other hand, if your hair is too oily, it could denote that your scalp skin is clogged and requiring exfoliation.

Hot Oil Treatment – This solution is best for dry and colored hair, to give the hairs strands the nourishment they need to make them look smooth and shiny again.

Keratin Treatment – Frizzy hair can be troublesome because they are hard to style, leaving you with few options on how to wear your hair. This treatment is also popular by the name Brazilian Blowout, a type of hair relaxing and smoothing service without using harsh chemicals or applying intense heat by way of flat irons. The result however is not as long lasting once your natural frizzy hair grows out.

Moisture Treatment – If your hair is in a badly damaged state, a moisture treatment will bring back life to your parched hair. It’s a deep conditioning protein moisture treatment to revive the health and natural shine of your hair, usually by way of a luxurious and relaxing massage. Add a moisture treatment to your next coloring service and your hair will thank you. When looking to have another hair coloring treatment, a moisture treatment will be recommended to prevent further hair damage.

Detox Treatment – If your hair problem is a result of hair product overuse, a detox treatment will be recommended to rid your hair shafts of residue buildups. Detoxifying the hair shafts will stimulate the scalp and promote healthy hair growth.

If you’re a resident of Florida, and looking for the best professional hair treatment, there’s an upscale signature beauty salon in Oviedo, near Orlando. Known as The Look Salon and Spa, this Oviedo hair salon has made a name for itself as the best place not only for hair styling services but also for providing different effective hair treatments. They use well-known hair problem solutions like Olaplex, Wellaplex, including a cannabidiol-based hair treatment known as Leaf and Flower.

Poor Blood Circulation and Why It Causes ED in Male Adults

ED or erectile dysfunction is a penile disorder that prevents male adults from performing during sexual encounters due to weak, unresponsive penile muscles. Such inability was referred to before as impotence, as it was thought of as a defect of the penis. However, later medical studies revealed that ED is a symptom or sign of poor blood circulation caused by another health problem, or nutritional deficiencies and/or other stress factors.

The link between ED and blood circulation explains why occasional erectile dysfunction also occurs in young healthy males. While old age is one of the established risk factors, it turned out that young men who experience this do not get enough nutrients that would let blood vessels deliver sufficient blood to their penis. Some other male adults suffer from ED as a result of a health-, stress- or trauma-related condition that prevents proper blood circulation.

Why Does Poor Blood Circulation Cause ED?

In order to understand why poor blood circulation causes ED, one must first understand the male organ’s erection process. While penile arousal is stimulated by sexual thoughts, it’s only part of the erection process, in which the brain is sending signals to the peripheral nerves and the glands.

However, it’s important that the sexual stimulation will boost the flow of blood to the penile arteries. Once the chambers inside the sex organ fill with blood, the muscles respond to the sexual stimulations by contracting until the penis grows rigid, enough to achieve an erection.

If during the blood circulation process there are certain stress points or build ups in the blood vessels that carry the supply of blood pumped by the heart, the organs in the lower parts of the body could experience reduced blood flow. Needless to say, the penis is one such organ that is easily affected by occurrences of poor blood flow.

If there is not enough blood juices flowing in the penile arteries, the penile muscles will not receive enough supply of oxygen and nutrients. In such cases, penis will not be able to complete the erection process even as it attempts to respond to the sexual stimulants.

ED Treatment Depends on the Underlying Cause/s of Poor Blood Circulation

Since ED is the result of one or more underlying factors or conditions causing poor blood circulation, medical treatments vary and may include a combination of lifestyle changes, meal plans, exercise regimen, weight reduction. It also calls for abstinence from unhealthy habits like smoking and excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages. As emotional and/or mental stresses are also potential risk factors, treatment may also include stress management and clinical counseling.

Inasmuch as blood circulation is the primary instigator of ED, the recommended treatment/s will focus on improving blood circulation. In many cases, those who believe they have no health problems, simply take dietary supplements like Rocket Man Naturals as a means to improve their blood flow.

Some words of caution though, ED sufferers must first consult with a doctor before taking supplements as treatment. Do not discount the possibility that an undiagnosed health problem may be causing the faulty blood circulation. The same advice goes to ED sufferers already taking medications for a related health disorder or disease, as the ingredients of a supplement may interfere with efficiency of the prescribed medication.

Proper Nutrition – It’s Not Just about Eating Healthy Food Products

Consumption of healthy food products can help people, especially women, burn fat naturally; but only if consumed in moderation and with the aid of exercises.

The problem however, is that most people do not make conscious efforts to limit their food consumption. So much so that overeating leads to imbalances in hormonal production that can slow down the body’s metabolism. As a result, not all nutrients and calories taken in are properly distributed throughout the body, as some will simply be stored in cells.

Moreover, as overeaters have developed a greater appetite for consuming large amounts of food, they end up with more body mass that makes them overweight and at worst, obese. As it is, excessive consumption even of healthy food can gradually increase body mass that results in constant weight gain.

Consider Meal Plans Prepared by Food Nutrition Experts

Food nutrition experts come up with different diets designed to help increase the rate of metabolism, as well as control the intake of fat. Some oils or fat content take longer to metabolize, which if not converted into energy, gets stored as fat cells. The following are popular healthy food items that nutritionists include in planned diets because they help the body burn fat naturally:

Fatty fish like herring, mackerel, salmon, sardines and other fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids that increase metabolism and help in the natural fat burning processes. Moreover, fatty fish can also provide protein that gives a feeling of fullness even with just a few bites.

Coffee, which remains as one of the most popular beverages, can also help burn fat; albeit must be taken in moderation. Depending on the amount of coffee consumed, research studies show caffeine can increase metabolic rates by up to 3 to 13%.

Food Products with Coconut Oil or Palm Oil – These oil types are classified as medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) that help in the process of metabolism, to increase the rate by which food nutrients are broken down and distributed. Moreover MCT oils are easily converted into energy that the body can use as fuel.

Eggs even if their yolks contain high levels of cholesterol, they are also great sources of high-grade protein that have been proven to increase metabolic rates by up to 20 to 35%.

Green Tea is an excellent choice for those who have low tolerance for coffee, as it contains moderate amount of caffeine. The greater importance of green tea is that it also contains what food experts call epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which creates a thermogenic effect to speed up the body’s fat burning processes

These are only examples of healthy food that promotes proper metabolism leading to proper conversion of fat into energy, prevention of fat absorption, and storage in cells. However, not all women have the luxury of time buy and prepare healthy food as planned diets. Some women are also into veganism, which readily eliminates some of the food items listed as healthy fat burning products.

Consider High-Quality Fat Burners as Weight Loss Supplements  

Fortunately, all the known benefits of these healthy, natural fat burners have been packed by supplement manufacturers into products known as women’s best fat burning pills.

Still, it’s important to read up reviews as not all fat burning supplements contain the ingredients that have proper blends of healthy fat burning substances. Women vegans are also in luck, because the leading fat burning pills today is LeanBean, a brand that uses only plant-based nutrients.