Tips To Fight Obesity And Stay Healthy

Obesity is widespread. Depending on age, up to 50 percent of the population is affected. The range of possible weight loss offers is correspondingly large. Numerous diets and remedies promise quick and problem-free weight loss. But what to do about being overweight?

Conscious eating creates a feeling of satiety

Always allow enough time for eating, chew well and do not do any other work or activities at the same time. Through the conscious and slow intake of food, the feeling of satiety comes to fruition more quickly. Those who wolf down their food in a hurry tend to eat more.

The frequent recommendation to eat five small meals instead of three main meals does not necessarily help you lose weight. It’s more a matter of personal preference. Instead, it is much more important how many calories are consumed during the day. At what time doesn’t matter.

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Drinking a lot reduces appetite

Drinking plenty of fluids can support a diet. Sugary drinks are of course taboo. However, two to three liters of water or unsweetened tea per day can help to lose weight.

Drinking a large glass of water right before a meal also creates a feeling of satiety in the brain. The appetite is thus reduced.

Regular exercise builds muscle

Regular physical activity is essential for sustainable weight loss. If only the diet is changed, the body first breaks down muscles. However, this is the most effective way of burning existing fat reserves. If new muscles are built, the daily calorie turnover increases even when the body is at rest.

Formula diets help in the short term

Formula diets are powders, granules or drinks with a precisely defined nutrient, vitamin and mineral content. They often have a high protein content. As part of a diet, less muscle mass is used up.

Formula diets are suitable for losing two to three kilos or for replacing some meals as part of a diet. However, they are not suitable for long-term and sustainable weight loss. The body quickly regains weight after the powder treatment because it is still working on the back burner and uses less energy. In addition, the causes of obesity are not permanently changed.

On the other hand, dietary supplement like Protetox can help with sustainable weight loss.

A permanent change in diet is important in order to avoid eating mistakes in the future and to maintain the lower weight. Even a weight reduction of 5 to 10 percent can have a positive effect on underlying diseases.