Adjustable Beds for Lying Sleep Comfort

A good slatted frame optimally complements your mattress, improves lying comfort, and ensures ventilation. This can improve the comfort of your beauty rest for better condition.

Slatted frames for adjustable beds: lying areas and what do they do?

adjustable beds

As with the lying areas of a mattress, the shoulder, pelvic and back areas are primarily important for slatted frames.

The shoulder comfort zone consists of particularly flexible strips that allow the shoulders to sink in when lying on the side and prevent the so-called shoulder collapse effect when lying on the back. This shoulder zone is characterized by particularly fine, perforated or tapered strips, which are sometimes also a little deeper.

The pelvic comfort zone is formed from flexible strips in the hip area and should allow the pelvis to sink in much deeper than the other body zones. According to a widespread opinion, this is especially important for people who sleep on their side. The spine can only be in a straight position by giving more in the area of ​​pressure.

With a slatted frame with central zone reinforcement, a special spring effect in the upper and lower area of ​​the back should optimally absorb the lying pressure. In the best case also support the lying areas of the mattress used. This zone can extend over three to nine strips and its flexibility can be regulated. Using the best adjustable beds, you can regulate the feeling of lying down from soft to a firm or vice versa, depending on your needs.

For better sleep: What else to look out for when buying a slatted adjustable frame?

A factor for the good quality of a slatted frame is when the endpoints of the crossbars are elastically supported. Unfortunately, the quality of the grates has deteriorated in recent years, experts say, and complain about thinner side rails, crossbars made of cheaper birch instead of harder beech wood, and the decreasing number of wood veneer layers. More layers ensured better-lying properties.

Presumably, all these deteriorations took place in order to bring the slatted frames to the customer as cheaply as possible. However, this has evoked a considerable deterioration in quality. Thus, it is important to check the quality of the frames before buying.