Feeling Hungry? Eat Healthy Snacks, Zero Weight Gain

While we are still full of energy in the morning, we often feel weak and unfocused in the afternoon. This is quite normal: the human performance curve shows a natural low between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m., which makes the work seem tedious to us.

For people going on a diet or burning some fats, even if you are taking natural fat burners like Leanbean the best fat burner for women in the market, it is still important to feed the body in between meals.

In order to prevent this low performance, it is important that we provide the body with a smart energy boost at the first signs of fatigue.

An Apple A day

Not only keeps the doctor away, but also provides us with many vitamins. In addition , the easily absorbable fructose contained in apples quickly gives us energy so that we can continue to work hard. The mineral potassium also takes on important tasks in nerve and muscle metabolism. So the apples are a good snack for office work as well as physical exertion in order to last until the end of the day.

Healthy snacks with fruit and grain

Muesli bars give us an extra dose of energy: the cereal grains and dried fruits provide us with around 380 kilocalories, lots of potassium and magnesium as well as vitamin A and folic acid. A great snack that delivers single and multiple sugars at the same time, so that energy is supplied to the body immediately and also a little later.

Banana: The perfect snack for in between

Bananas are perfect as food for the nerves in the afternoon because they provide quick energy. Although the banana has a good 95 kilocalories per 100 grams, the good properties of this fruit predominate. For example, fiber ensures a long satiety and the minerals potassium and iron ensure good thinking.

Rice waffles: Not dust-dry because of it

Rice cakes soothe hunger and are also very low in calories. An unsalted rice waffle has a smart 27 kilocalories. A small amount that you can eat two to three waffles in the afternoon. So that they are not too dry, you can soak them in tea or coffee or brush them with a little low-fat cream cheese or jelly.

Dried fruit: Fruits with concentrated energy

A portion of dried fruit (approx. 40 g) helps us to think clearly again and to work vigorously. A portion of prunes, dried apricots and banana chips provide us with a whopping 250 to 300 kilocalories. But also a lot of vitamin A, which is important for our eyes, and the mineral potassium, which ensures a regular heartbeat and regulates blood pressure. Mixed fruit is therefore a good snack for a short break, during which it is easy on the eyes and stress is relieved.