Understanding the Elements and Conditions that Make Dental Implants Expensive

Dental implants are probably the most popular dental treatment because they can put an end to future dental problems, which is why they’re the most expensive. Yet to fully understand why the prices of dental implants can be as low as $2500 to as high as $20K, we provided a more detailed description of what are included in the costing and quotation of an implant and replacement procedure.

Success Rates of Dental Implants

Annually and statistically, there are around 450,000 osseointegrated dental implants that have been placed in individuals across the globe. This procedure is expected to have only a 5% fail rate, which can happen in single tooth replacement and with an implant supported crown. The procedure only comes with minimum complication and risks, owing mostly to a patient’s good dental health and the  elements included in every procedure.

Services of Skilled Dentist and Other Dental Professionals

Dental implants are biocompatible integrations to replace natural tooth roots. The process of achieving dental implants requires the skills of an oral surgeon who surgically places metal posts right on the jawbone. Sometimes, there are additional steps before the surgical implant can be carried out; such as tooth extractions, whitening or bone grafting .


Moreover, dental implants are worked on by more that one dental professional, each applying their own specialization to ensure the success of the cosmetic dental surgery Aside from the dentist, there is the oral surgeon and his medical assistants, as well as the hygienist who will focus working on the patient’s mouth throughout the entire implant procedures and treatment.

Cost of Materials Used for Implants and Dental Replacements

Implant posts can either be made out of zirconia or titanium, but the latter is the most preferred because of its high rate of success for osseointegration. Crowns on the other hand, are made of ceramic, all resin, or a combo of porcelain and metal.

The final cost f implant procedure varies from patient to patient, as it depends on the lifestyle and behaviors affecting the dental health of the patient. Such factors include the replacement requirement, on whether the implant that best suits the patient is the removable overdentures, full fixed dentures, single crown implant, or implant bridges.

The area where the dental implant will be placed also determines whether additional steps have to be taken such as grafting or tooth extraction. In some cases, the dental team has to come up with solutions to problems that stem from a previous replacement treatment performed by the patient’s former dentist,

Multiple Visits

Dental implant procedures aren’t completed in just one visit, as it requires them to come back multiple times. Those are aside from the regular checkups to ensure the gums are healing well and the metal-bone fusion is coming out well. Every visit adds up to the patient’s expenses but are already incorporated as part of the overall cost of the implant treatment.

The price of dental implants will be established once the dentist finishes the initial check-up. Usually, dental implants are under cosmetic procedures which aren’t covered by dental insurances. However, there is still a possibility that some can be covered by insurances as the dentist can assist in identifying which of the dental procedures are not cosmetic in nature.