Poor Blood Circulation and Why It Causes ED in Male Adults

ED or erectile dysfunction is a penile disorder that prevents male adults from performing during sexual encounters due to weak, unresponsive penile muscles. Such inability was referred to before as impotence, as it was thought of as a defect of the penis. However, later medical studies revealed that ED is a symptom or sign of poor blood circulation caused by another health problem, or nutritional deficiencies and/or other stress factors.

The link between ED and blood circulation explains why occasional erectile dysfunction also occurs in young healthy males. While old age is one of the established risk factors, it turned out that young men who experience this do not get enough nutrients that would let blood vessels deliver sufficient blood to their penis. Some other male adults suffer from ED as a result of a health-, stress- or trauma-related condition that prevents proper blood circulation.

Why Does Poor Blood Circulation Cause ED?

In order to understand why poor blood circulation causes ED, one must first understand the male organ’s erection process. While penile arousal is stimulated by sexual thoughts, it’s only part of the erection process, in which the brain is sending signals to the peripheral nerves and the glands.

However, it’s important that the sexual stimulation will boost the flow of blood to the penile arteries. Once the chambers inside the sex organ fill with blood, the muscles respond to the sexual stimulations by contracting until the penis grows rigid, enough to achieve an erection.

If during the blood circulation process there are certain stress points or build ups in the blood vessels that carry the supply of blood pumped by the heart, the organs in the lower parts of the body could experience reduced blood flow. Needless to say, the penis is one such organ that is easily affected by occurrences of poor blood flow.

If there is not enough blood juices flowing in the penile arteries, the penile muscles will not receive enough supply of oxygen and nutrients. In such cases, penis will not be able to complete the erection process even as it attempts to respond to the sexual stimulants.

ED Treatment Depends on the Underlying Cause/s of Poor Blood Circulation

Since ED is the result of one or more underlying factors or conditions causing poor blood circulation, medical treatments vary and may include a combination of lifestyle changes, meal plans, exercise regimen, weight reduction. It also calls for abstinence from unhealthy habits like smoking and excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages. As emotional and/or mental stresses are also potential risk factors, treatment may also include stress management and clinical counseling.

Inasmuch as blood circulation is the primary instigator of ED, the recommended treatment/s will focus on improving blood circulation. In many cases, those who believe they have no health problems, simply take dietary supplements like Rocket Man Naturals as a means to improve their blood flow.

Some words of caution though, ED sufferers must first consult with a doctor before taking supplements as treatment. Do not discount the possibility that an undiagnosed health problem may be causing the faulty blood circulation. The same advice goes to ED sufferers already taking medications for a related health disorder or disease, as the ingredients of a supplement may interfere with efficiency of the prescribed medication.